Friday, November 5, 2010

Song of the Week #115

This is a pretty cool edition as we have a couple of guest presenters. Anyone out there is welcome to contribute. Instead of sending me jokes and Nigerian money scams feel free to suggest a song along with your reason for its selection.

DJ Randwick sent me an article this week about Ironman. It was a good read and it also quoted this song. He's probably never heard it but it is a bona fide Motown classic and a tribute to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson. Betcha Lionel Richie wishes he was still in the band when they did this one! This song reminds me of a pool room at the house next door in NZ. It must've been big on the radio when I was spending some time there.

Commodores - Nightshift:


MC HB suggested this next track. She's a runner, triathlete and cyclist and has used this in the past as her "pump-up song". The original version was a favourite at the roller disco when I was at high school (and MC HB was in nappies I guess!!)

Unique II - Break My Stride:

And the original....

Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride:

This one isn't really a request, but some of my students thought it was pretty cool and I have to agree. Great video clip - looks like they put on one helluva live performance. And there are so many obvious links to 80's rock!

30 Seconds To Mars - Closer To The Edge:

I have no idea why I thought of this next artist. I was listening to a Redgum LP that my brother had bought second hand and posted to me when Kutcha Edwards popped into my sphere of consciousness. Kutcha is a great singer with an amazing voice. This is a great rendition of a Paul Simon song.

Kutcha Edwards - Mother & Child Reunion:

Only 4 weeks now until Ironman. I was asked today why I was doing it. One reason is that in the past I have been guilty of opting out when things got really tough. Ironman is as much a mental battle as it is a physical one. I did a swim last week in foul conditions. After 200m I had been kicked, swallowed some lake water and was seasick. I wanted to turn around, go back to shore and slink home quietly. But I sat up in the water, swore at the wind and rain, vomited and then swam the next 2km feeling awesome. Am I insane? Probably. Will I give up? No.

This morning I got some very sad news. A close friend of mine has been battling cancer. Last I heard it was all good and she had sent me a text from a holiday she was on. Today I got a call telling me she has a couple of days to live. Of course I went to see her right away. There's not much I could say but we chatted away while she had some energy. It was a very sobering and distressing experience. Cancer is such an unfair and indiscriminate killer. I had other songs planned this week but they can wait. This one's for you Chris. Thanks for being my friend.

Queen - Friends Will Be Friends:

See you next week folks.

DJ Rob


  1. I bet Lionel could care less if he were in the band when that song came out especially since it was thier ONLY hit without him writing. He went onto, as you know, write several hits on his own but the Commodores wouldn't have been the Commodores without Lionel's writing abilities. Every hit they had Lionel wrote. They The Commodores now, didn't even write Nightshift. lol In fact when Kenny Rogers asked him to write Lady and Diana Ross Endless Love and Motown asked for a solo album the Commodores were so jealous they voted him out of the band. But they don't tell that side of the story they simply whine because Lionel won't do a reunion with them. Can you blame him? He carried them long enough.

  2. LOL, you gotta be kidding about Lionel wishing he was in the band during that song right???? It is a good song, but, this is their only hit without Lionel in the group. Shall I mention the countless hits Lionel has had in his solo career which is still booming currently. Who has a Star on the Walk Of Fame in his name only, ummmmmm Lionel Richie. What really cracks me up, in the comment above, they voted Lionel out of the group, I wonder who is wishing they were a part of Lonel Richie's Band....Don't get me wrong, The Commodores were incredible, but, Lionel Richie is the one that put that Group's name on the map.