Monday, November 29, 2010

Ironman Countdown - 6 sleeps to go

That's the final weekend of training done. The weather held on Saturday so we got a 3hr ride done in the morning followed up by 30mins swimming in the lake. AB and Craig disappeared but the Seppo and I sat on a bench surveying the world while we indulged in the important nutritional supplement known as ice cream!

The weather on Sunday was foul, there is no other word for it. Rain, rain and more rain. At some stage in the afternoon it eased off a bit and I was lucky enough to get a 45 min run in with my friend Al. He was kind enough to give me a loan of his bike bag. All I need to do now is get my bike into it before I have to leave for the airport on Wednesday.

Tonight I'm meant to have an easyish ride but with the rain I think I will be in the garage on the much hated home trainer. Oh well.

AB is already in Busselton making sure he gets the ensuite and checking out coffee shops for us. Hard life but someone has to do it I guess. Fingers crossed that QANTAS deliver his front wheel before too long!

And for no other reason than I totally embarrassed Zoe by knowing all the words to this's a tune for you all.

More later,
DJ Rob

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