Friday, July 16, 2010

Song of the Week 99

It's the end of school holidays. Predictably the sun has come out. That doesn't mean it isn't cold though. There is a forecast for -4 degrees for tomorrow morning. I'm sure to enjoy cycling in that!

I love eBay. Seriously. I've made two purchases these holidays at amazing prices. The first is an old guitar pedal. When I played in my first band in Canberra, our bass player loaned me a beat up overdrive pedal that I used for the duration of that band. When the band ended I gave it back. And I missed it. A few years ago I tried out some new ones in a shop and they just weren't up to scratch. Every now and then I look on eBay for a good deal but until now my luck hasn't been good. So, the other day an 80's Boss SD-1 Overdrive pedal arrived. Great. Fabulous. An awesome tone. Gritty and honest without being fizzy, noisy or over the top. A warm analog sound.

The other deal was the Kristofferson CD I was looking for. Brand new for 99 cents. It came in the mail today and is playing now. Demo versions of his songs from 1968-72, all previously unreleased. One review said that if all he had ever written was "Me and Bobby McGee" then he would still be a bonafide star. Luckily for his fans there is so much more in his catalogue. And he keeps on recording. Here's a great version of his most famous songs with some pretty special friends:

I've given up watching Le Tour late at night. I need my beauty sleep - if only sleeping meant my hair would grow back ;-) But, Angus and I have been taping the stages and watching them over breakfast. It was sad to see Lance have a bad day but awesome to see him continue in support of his teammates. It was pretty heartbreaking to hear that Cadel had broken a bone in his arm but amazing to see him carry on. Same goes for Robbie McEwen, still riding hard and placing in the sprints despite his horror crash into a cameraman at the end of a stage a few days ago. As for Renshaw's disqualification from the whole race - that is really, really harsh. Certainly he deserved some sanctions, but the whole race? I don't think so.

SBS TV, who are Australia's broadcaster of Le Tour, are having some fun with the music they use to come back from the ad breaks. I heard this one the other day - a classic:

The scooter still remains in a rideable state but lacking a bit of glitz and glamour. Hopefully they will get all the parts soon. I'm sure that they are swimming to Korea to pick them up. But the shop won't get paid until the job is complete. So annoying.

Well that's it for episode 99. Don't forget to tune in next week for the 100th celebrations. Like Jumping Jack Flash it'll be a gas, gas, gas!

And to sign off, here's a song that Angus has been rocking out to on Guitar Hero. I love that game. Not because I think that guitars should be replaced with plastic toys, but because it brings ROCK music to the fore. And the track selection, being quite broad, is a rock lesson for many kids. Very cool indeed.

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf:

Eat more broccoli,
DJ Rob

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