Friday, July 9, 2010

Song of the Week 98

Sports fans downunder are sleep deprived! With Wimbledon, World Cup Soccer and of course Le Tour it is hard work staying awake some days! Although it seemed like Wimbledon just sort of happened and few people really noticed apart from the marathon game in the mens' singles.

Today I've been working out how my latest gadget, er....toy, aid works. A Garmin 310XT. It is a GPS / Heart Rate Monitor / Stopwatch etc. designed for triathletes. So far all I've done is walk around the block with it but I can report that it works a treat. Tomorrow morning's ride will no doubt put it through its paces and then I can bore the pants off everyone with extraneous data! Thanks to the HB Running Emporium for a great deal.

Someone who shall remain nameless also maxxed out the monthly internet quota and it doesn't reset until tomorrow. Whilst we don't pay excess usage, the speed is slowed....booooring! That has made getting the YouTube links interesting so I hope they all work.

I bought an album on Wednesday by "Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders". Taylor Hawkins plays with the "Foo Fighters" normally. I made the purchase after reading a couple of reviews and I have not been disappointed. It has a very 70's rock vibe and is well worth a listen. Here's a track called "Not Bad Luck" from the album which is called "Red Light Fever".

Angus spent the week away at the snow learning to snowboard. He got back this morning. I think that if he describes everything as "awesome" then it was a success! Zoƫ is still in NZ with Grandma and if early reports are anything to go by all non-desexed cats should beware of the apprentice vet!!

I like being on holiday. Sleeping in, training, reading, listening to music and watching cycling. Bliss!!

Alison and I took a short trip to Newcastle last weekend. It rained. It rained a lot. But we did find some places that served good coffee and seeing whales in the wild was pretty neat. We also went to a second hand book and record place. The owner stank of cigarettes and was monosyllabic but I did get a good deal on a cool LP. Scottish music at its best all the way from Dunfermline. Well, I liked it back in the day. Check this track out:

Big Country - In A Big Country:

I've been trying to track down the "new" Kris Kristofferson album. But I can't get it an any record store I try and I can't even find a torrent for a pre-purchase listen. I guess I could go to iTunes but I like a CD in my hand rather than just a group of mp3 files. I'm sure it will turn up soon.

A quick word on Le Tour? Oh, ok, twist my arm! I'm loving it, but probably more than the riders. The early stages with the cobbles certainly sorted out a few riders (and I don't mean the crashes - they are never good to see). One of the commentators and more than one of the riders have commented that there is only one way to conquer this surface - you need to be powerful, fast and fearless. I hope all the doubters noted that Evans is the best placed GC rider as a result of his showing on the pave. Also, I'm not a huge fan of Contador, he strikes me as a prima donna, but you couldn't fault his effort either - most unexpected. Armstrong was unlucky with a puncture but is riding strongly. You'd be a mug to write him off. It is a great race and with still two weeks to go, anything can happen. Watch this space!

Just one more song before I sign off. This is an oldie but a goldie. From the Apollo 13 soundtrack straight into my consciousness. Apart from the lyrics, Barry's gruff voice is the main attraction in this song for me.

Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction:

Don't forget to do the funky chicken...

DJ Rob

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  1. Re Barry McGuire, I met the guy when I was five. I was very shy. :)