Friday, April 30, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 88

Friday pretty much got away from me. Sorry for this week’s episode being a little late.

I had the unadulterated joy of going to the doctor this morning. I was the first appointment at 8.30am. I could hear him in his consulting room talking to the medical student for 15 minutes before they called me in…15 minutes late. What a great way to start the day. Anyway, I have to go for an MRI on my knee. I have a Baker’s Cyst which is nothing worrisome but he wants to check for anything else including arthritis. Suddenly I feel old. And, MRIs are pretty expensive. I’ll report back.

On Wednesday I was in Sydney for the day attending a course. Here are things I like about Sydney. They have lots of good coffee places and most seem to have free Wi-Fi. Other than that I’m not sure that there is much else going for it! Too many people all in a rush. I was glad to get on the plane (which was like a VW with wings) for the flight home.

Yesterday I thought I’d have a good go on the Wii Fit that Angus got for his birthday. So, I plugged myself in and spent an hour doing a range of stretches, yoga and aerobic activities. At the time I thought it was pretty ho-hum and wasn’t working me very hard. This morning my body told me another story! It is certainly a viable alternative to an easy gym or cardio session. They really need to work on the soundtrack though!

Here’s a track I heard on the radio this week that is an ideal training song:

Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot:

I remember reading an article about the Kaiser Chiefs when they said they never thought they’d be as successful as they had become. Anyone heard from them lately?

Great news for fans of loud music is that Metallica are heading back to Australia in October/November. There are only a few shows announced but certainly plenty of room to add quite a few more. I saw them back in (ahem, ahem) 1993. Of course, I was only 10 at the time. Get along if you can, they work hard live for their fans.

Metallica (live) – Welcome Home (Sanitarium):

And that wasn’t a song about breakfast cereal either. Learning the intro to that song kept me hard at work when I should’ve been studying in 1994!

It was ANZAC Day on 25 April and also DJ KelC’s birthday. I sat through a speech about ANZAC Day being all about people who died for their country. That’s only part of the story. ANZAC Day is about remembering all Australians and New Zealanders who have served their respective countries. Listen to this track, a killer from a great Australian singer/songwriter.

John Williamson – Diggers of the ANZAC:

This weekend Angus begins the rugby season. After missing most of the last one with a bad shoulder injury we have learned how to strap him up and all that this entails. He’s played in a pre-season match and all was good. This is great news for his parents and him too I guess. I am constantly amazed at his complete addiction to rugby. I know lots of kids who enjoy sport but for Angus it is so much more than that. As he is not the biggest kid on the team he’s at fullback which is what he wanted. As a result he’s spent hours and hours working on his kicking technique. Here’s some rugby footage for some overseas viewers. Tough game.


I’ve been reading Hunter S. Thompson’s “Kingdom of Fear”. I’m not really sure why either. The blurb on the back caught my interest but three-quarters of the way through what is essentially an autobiography I admit I don’t get it. To me he seems just to be some sort of hooligan who can write a bit. I’ll wait until I finish and see if I want to explore his work any further. But, this week’s chosen track sort of came via that book. He mentions hanging out with musician Warren Zevon and I had been listening to his greatest hits CD the week earlier. I’m new to Zevon’s work and it is patchy – like his life. But this song is pretty damned good and I keep replaying it.

Warren Zevon – Carmelita:

I’ll leave the lyrical analysis up to you.

DJ Rob

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