Friday, May 7, 2010

Song of the Week 89

This week I crashed the scooter. Alison’s scooter! Another driver just pulled out in front of me and I had nowhere to go. I managed not to hit him but I did slide down the (wet) road. I have no injuries, and for the moment, no scooter! So I’m on the pushbike to and from work while the insurance people work their own particular brand of the world’s slowest magic.

In happier news, I discovered a new Jimi Hendrix album. “Valleys of Neptune” was recorded in about 1969 and released in 2010. It is all stuff that hasn’t been heard before but some of the tunes are just different versions of songs we know and love. The sonic quality is superb, sounds like it was recorded yesterday. Now, I’m not a huge Hendrix fan. Live he always seems to forget to tune his guitar and the drummer can’t restrain himself. But, these are studio recordings. The guitar “quacks” the way a Stratocaster should and, for the most part, the rhythm section know their place. There is a particularly funky version of “Stone Free” that rates a mention. And the particularly English accents on the backing vocals for “Fire” gave me a chuckle. This is a pretty accessible Hendrix album without a lot of the psychedelia from later on in his career which is a bit polarising.

Jimi Hendrix – Stone Free:

Also, a CD by the Hindu Love Gods arrived via eBay from Germany. Who, I hear you ask! Well, it is a group made up of Warren Zevon, and ¾ of REM. Pretty cool. It is all cover versions but well worth a listen. They do a rocking version of Prince’s “Raspberry Beret” but I’m in more of a pop mood so here’s the original
Prince – Raspberry Beret:

And this next song is just too funny for words. If you take all lyrical content very seriously then this is NOT the song for you. It is a hoot. Loosen up baby and have a laugh.

Supersuckers – Born With A Tail:

I just read a book about all different types of music. It was called “Music Lust” and was really pretty interesting. But, I reckon if I wrote a book I’d check my facts. Apparently, the B-52s named their band after a type of aeroplane. It’s about hairstyles. Not always my cup of tea but they have some fun tracks. Cindy and Kate have great voices into the bargain.

B-52s – Roam:

Over last weekend I listened to a CD full of electronic music. Not something I would usually do. However, there were some pretty good moments. 90% of the stuff on the CD was from artists I’d never heard of but this track was one I definitely knew. A great piece of music that can be quite emotional depending on if you associate it with a certain film or not. I’ve dug up a live clip of the track and, whilst I like the song, I can’t imagine I’d want to go to a concert like this where someone just fiddles with synthesizers for a couple of hours. Give me Alice Cooper being lynched any day!

Jean Michelle Jarre – Oxygene:
And the movie version:

Well, that’s it for another week. Watch out for cyclists on the road and remember that fibre is your friend.

DJ Rob

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