Friday, April 23, 2010

Song of the Week Episode 87

A lot has happened since last time. Firstly, I have turned 39 and commenced my 40th revolution around the gaseous body we call the sun. Thoughts on turning 39? Not sure really. I might feel a little more philosophical next year. Mick Jagger once said he rather be dead than singing “Satisfaction” at 45. He probably rethought that. I have some goals to reach by the time I turn 40 but I’ll keep them to myself in case I need an extension.

My brother was kind enough to give me an iTunes voucher. Apart from picking up a George Thorogood album that has eluded me in the shops for years I enjoyed choosing a few tracks to purchase. Here’s one of them that is excellent for a laugh. Bonus points for anyone who can pick the well known rock star in the clip (without reading the comments!)

Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be A Cowboy:

A week or so ago, my good friend DJ Ducky recommended that I should watch an episode of “Supernatural”. DJ Ducky always gives good advice so Alison and I gave it a chance. Awesome, I really enjoyed it - so much so that we got Season 1 from the DVD shop. The show is quirky and amusing and to top it off, it has a great hard rocking soundtrack. Here are two songs that have appeared - both classics. And, how about those shorts on the guy doing the intro!!

AC/DC – Highway To Hell (live 1979): (and if you think this is a song about devil worship then you need to pay more attention)

Free - Alright Now (live):

In response to last week, the two guys who were with me in Sydney when I bought the guitar related a few other stories. I think I’ve almost finished laughing! And for the guitar heads out there, it was a 1972 Gibson SG. Unfortunately at some stage the neck got a crack in it and even though I had it fixed it wasn’t the same. Sutto was there at Mr Walkers’ first gig and I think Doc was as well. Talk about mayhem. The PA blew up at some stage and there was a fight involving a head butting incident too. The photos of me at that gig sporting a red moustache are best left hidden.

Last night Alison and I went to the movies. We saw Denzel Washington in “The Book of Eli”. If you like post-apocalypse style films and you’re prepared for a twist at the end that really; I think no-one spotted, spend your money and go along. No doubt there will be some who think that the film contains some major religious message – not me. I won’t say more as it is too easy to give away too much about the film. A big plus is the casting of Tom Waits as the junk shop owner and engineer – an inspired choice.

Angus turned 12 on Wednesday. In a world where too much sport is never enough we gave him a Wii Fit to keep him occupied indoors. It seems to be a big success with both kids. I think it is a pretty groovy concept really – making fitness fun by incorporating it in a video game. A small amount of research reveals that they’ve sold nearly 23 million copies. Not bad I guess!

In other movie news, Iron Man 2 is out soon and has a soundtrack supplied by AC/DC. Although I love the band, it might be just a bit rich to expect that fans will buy the soundtrack to the movie when there are no new tunes on it. At least when they did “Who Made Who” as the soundtrack for Stephen King’s “Maximum Overdrive” we got 3 new tracks.

I read an interview this week with Sly from Sly and the Family Stone. His life didn’t turn out that well for someone with seemingly so much talent. I must admit though that I had a laugh when he described George W Bush as a “dirty motherf*****”. I only got into Sly as a result of someone giving me an old LP of his (yes – on vinyl) – wow, seriously groovy. Here’s a track to get down with, a real toe tapper:

Sly and the Family Stone – Medley:

And just before we get onto this week’s chosen track, here’s something just a little bit different. Take the time and have a good look and listen. I heard this guy a couple of years ago and he blew me away. So unexpected, yet so cool. Seriously, how many Hasidic Jewish Reggae singers have you heard of?

Matisyahu – Youth:

But Song of the Week #87 goes out to DJ B-C all the way over there in Kandahar. He got me into Billy Bragg back in the very early 90s which as I have related before is something I consider a rather significant event in my life. I heard this song the other day and I reckon he’d like it. Great riff, so much energy and, yeah – those haircuts!

The Jam – In The City:

Peace be upon all of you.

DJ Rob

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