Friday, March 5, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 80

I was in the CD shop the other day (well I still call it a record shop) and I saw that there is yet another version of Queen’s greatest hits available. Who is buying this? Some bands just seem to get away with repackaging their “Best Of” over and over. KISS is guilty of this as well. I think Queen were an awesome band but who are they kidding?

Thanks to DJ Jo-T I can’t get this next song out of my head. A band I was in back in the day used to do a decent cover version of it and I always liked the lyrics as well. Maybe this week’s songs should be about boats even if this song isn’t really very nautical.

Nick Cave – The Ship Song:

And I can’t really tell you why but Nick Cave led me this Paul Kelly track. (there’s a language warning for the following song)

Paul Kelly – Every F****** City:

Well it seems like this is turning to an all Australian affair on Song of the Week but the boats have sailed away. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t claimed any New Zealanders as our own yet although that it not unusual. In that case then I better play something a bit more obscure.

The Candy Harlots were a glam/sleaze metal rock from Sydney. I saw them once or twice in the 90’s and they had almost everything going for them at that stage. Good songs, record deal, fans…. However, it didn’t last. This is one of the singles from their album and, like many bands of this genre, they seem to be able to look into the kind of problems they have but in the end can’t overcome them.

The Candy Harlots – Sister’s Crazy:

Time to steal from NZ now. Dragon were a band from both sides of the Tasman. I don’t really care where they are from but they were classic. Alison and I got prepaid tickets to see them years ago at the Yass Soldiers Club. We were worried we might not get in. I think there were more people in the band and crew that night than were in the crowd a huge shame as it was a great show. This was not long before Marc Hunter died from cancer – a big loss to rock ‘n’ roll. Here’s a version of Dragon’s “Dreams of Ordinary Men” with Peter Garrett and Jimmy Barnes singing. Turn this one up (I reckon Peter was pretty pleased when Jimmy turned up to give him a hand!) For you overseas readers, Peter sang for Midnight Oil and is now a government minister (well – for the moment at least).

Peter Garrett and Jimmy Barnes – Dreams of Ordinary Men:

It’s a long weekend here and I plan to spend some time finishing a song I’ve been working on. If I’m feeling brave it might get an airing here for your comments. I’m also heading to the high country for a hell of a ride/run session on Sunday. Ride from Jindabyne to Charlotte’s Pass, run 21km around the Pass and then ride back. I imagine this will take pretty much all day and the weather forecast is average at best!

Eat less, move more…

DJ Rob

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  1. Now, exercise just doesn't excite me fact the thought of a long ride or run floods me with an odd sense of despair. So, while I respect your passions in whatever balance you see fit to engage in them, I'm selfishly hoping you get around to this song soon. Far more interesting. ;)
    Jo T