Friday, February 26, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 79

Oh my, what a week. Huge, unexpected and awesome news…there’s a new Johnny Cash album!! Well it was exciting to me. “American VI: Ain’t No Grave” is a collection of songs recorded not long before Cash’s death. That makes many of the tracks rather haunting and confronting. YouTube hasn’t caught up with the new album yet but I’ll be passing on a couple of tracks to you all as soon as they appear.

George Thorogood turned 60 on Thursday. A great guitarist and entertainer. One of the bands I was in played his song “If you don’t start drinking I’m gonna leave”. Apparently it got him in hot water with some politically correct folks but it was all tongue in cheek as is a lot of rock ‘n’ roll. This track coming up is my favourite from George and his band the Delaware Destroyers:

George Thorogood – Get A Haircut (and get a real job):

In the 90’s I really liked this next band. A fantastic fusion of colour, rock, soul and social conscience. Their song “Open Letter to a Landlord” addressed the issue of neigbourhoods being torn down and the effect it has on communities. The song I’ve chosen is a bit cheerier though, and I will admit it wasn’t until I read the tape cover that I realised they weren’t singing “Grammar Boys” – talk about misheard lyrics!

Living Color – Glamour Boys:

I might pause here and just say that the Winter Olympics have been almost totally ruined by our local broadcaster. What a joke. Repeat after repeat of the same thing, inane and ill-informed commentary and whole sections of the games ignored. I could get into whether or not Figure Skating is a sport but that seems secondary when the coverage of the whole event is so pitiful.

Earlier in the week I was very, very angry. The reasons are unimportant now but this song came around on the iPod and really gave me a kick in the pants. For fans of loud and aggressive music only perhaps. I reckon they were pretty cross when they wrote this one (the lyrics are on the right hand side in YouTube for this track):

Soulfly – Blood, Fire, War, Hate:

The reintroduction of fluorescent colours into fashion has made me chuckle. The Best Man at our wedding was such a big fan that people at work called him “Fluoro”. I guess the 80’s and 90’s are back. That might not all be good but I caught myself singing this track the other day and it fits right in with that period of time. A good time song from when I was a lot younger ;-) I love the funky wah-wah guitar and the string section. This really is a toe tapper.

Vic Reeves and The Wonderstuff – Dizzy:

Never give up….

DJ Rob


  1. conincidentally, I just got a wonderstuff oz tour ep- nice graphics, but am yet toi hear it- also, after the clash rave recently, I got the live album on eBay- thanks for the tip

  2. Of course...this is the precursor to the Soulfy song: