Friday, March 19, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 82

Barack Obama you are a right royal pain in the rear end. First you’re coming to Australia with your family, then its only you, then the date might change, roads will or won’t close, the police are in uproar and it goes on. I’m glad you FINALLY made up your mind to stay at home to watch the NCAA and maybe sort out health care in your country at last. America may be a super power but really, stop treating one of your allies like a second class citizen, make a date and stick to it. We’re happy to see you but stay more than 24 hours – otherwise a video conference with KRudd should suffice and we can spend the millions of dollars saved on something worthwhile.

After that little rant we need a song. A loud song. I’m sure you can work out why I chose this one (language warning):

Green Day – The Grouch (live on Australian TV):

This week I’ve managed to drive to work almost in tandem with one of my very good friends a couple of times. A minor note to myself though, waving with one’s right hand whilst riding a motor scooter isn’t recommended! Anyway, DJ CoJ wanted me to know that he was listening to the Divinyls. What a GREAT Australian band. Tons of attitude, great songs and a guitar sound that is just overdriven enough to be cool without turning into noise. I chose this Divinyls song mainly because I really, really thought those headless guitars were super. I’ll get one someday…

Divinyls – Hey Little Boy:

I’ve got my final race of the season on Sunday. Dodgy blue-green algae means that the lake is still closed here in Canberra. As a result the Aquathon is being held in the pool at the Institute of Sport. It should be a mad splash and dash with 3km run / 400m swim / 1.5km run. After that there’s a break in training for a while. I have to plan something for that time otherwise I’ll go nuts as will my family. I’m thinking that some mountain biking and geocahing will make a good start. After all, when training goes back I’ll have just over 6 months until Ironman. Whilst I didn’t do a lot of racing this season I managed to get a lot more consistency into my training (my main goal) and I reckon that’ll serve me well on the road to Busselton Dec 2010.

I mentioned Alicia Keys in last week’s episode. I’ll happily admit that until the last couple of weeks I hadn’t listened to any of her songs at all. But I’m all about trying out new music. This next track is from her current album. I put it through the wringer on the iPod this week whilst running and this is the stand out in my opinion. Whilst the lyrics aren’t all that crash hot, it is a great sounding track with an almost industrial feel to the instrumentation. Do you think she’s channeling the Phantom in that purple suit?

Alicia Keys – Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart:

In choosing a song to feature every week I aim for variety and to encourage people to listen beyond their favourite artists and songs. I will admit that I have refrained from featuring some tracks that are obviously offensive and that might never have any kind of general appeal. But then, some tracks that are less than accessible are my favourites. One of my all time top bands are Canberra Death Metal band, “Armoured Angel”. Their particular brand of very loud and aggressive music dealt with such themes as religion and genetic engineering. Intelligent and well thought out lyrics in the main backed up with a powerful musical style but you have to look past the leather, long hair and ammo belt guitar straps. I like folk music too, often you get similar themes. Country and Western, when not clichéd, has some great tracks – you could spend a lifetime with Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

So, a track that might confront and one that I know not all of you will like, but that’s sort of the point.

Tom Paxton - George W. Told The Nation:
If you want to bear arms then wear a short sleeve shirt.

DJ Rob

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