Friday, March 26, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 83

Yesterday afternoon I took Angus to Brumbies Rugby HQ so that both of us could learn about refereeing for juniors. It was a hoot. There were probably about 20 kids and 5 adults doing the training. Every second question from the kids was, “but can I send them off for that?” We have to now pass a written test before we get our refereeing ticket, whistle, uniform, white cane and guide dog. Alison, Angus and I are off to watch the Brumbies play tonight so I’m sure the refereeing will be under close scrutiny. On a side note, a young man that I used to teach is making his debut at Super 14 Rugby level – all the best Colby!!

Ironman Australia is on Sunday at Port Macquarie. There are 8 people from the Tridents club getting ready for a long day. 3.8km swim, 180km ride and 42km run. For all of you, I hope the journey is everything you want it to be.

I went back to an old Guns n’ Roses album this week. Great band, but unable to keep it together for a variety of reasons. I’d forgotten how much I liked this cover version. It is true to the energy of the original while injecting some serious hard rock attitude. Listen to whichever you like – or try both. This version has Matt Sorum on drums – he was previously in British goth-rockers The Cult. Do you think that the current trend for short shorts was influenced by Axl Rose?

Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die:

Guns n’ Roses – Live and Let Die:

Enough of the metal flashbacks for this week. Here’s a really, really, really cool punk rock song. I like a lot of punk rock. In essence it is just folk music that is louder and faster! Punk was hijacked at one time by various white supremacist groups but, for the most part, the lyrics are related to social and political issues. I got into this next band as a result of television. They had a really good video for their song “21st Century Digital Boy” and that piqued my interest. You should be able to make out the lyrics on this great track:

Bad Religion – Punk Rock Song: (bit of a language warning)

Bit of a switch now, how about these two awesome guitarists side by side? It must be great to be that laid back and sound so good!

Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton – Layla:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in Canberra you can’t have missed the fact that there was a car crash that occurred just after a Police chase was called off that resulted in the deaths of three innocent people as well as the driver of the car being chased. Probably 15 minutes after the crash (well maybe a bit longer) we had the civil libertarians telling us that the Police shouldn’t chase anyone. Then we had the family and friends of the driver blaming the Police and painting a picture of “young blokes” as larrikins. Seriously, if you steal a car and then flee from the Police you have to know it isn’t going to end well. 24 is more than old enough to know better. Sigh. As for the civil libertarians – get a grip. The Police have a job to do. Would you rather no-one came if your car was stolen or your house burgled?

On a much happier note, here’s the song of the week. It’s cheesy and you may even cringe but it is such a catchy tune. I first remember hearing it in one of my favourite movies and I’ll include that clip first in case anyone out there hasn’t been bored to death by me with it yet! But then the song. Angus and I have been annoying the rest of the household by dancing around to this most mornings this week – doing our best impressions of Mike Myers. The dog gets very excited and does laps of the kitchen but then again his brain is about the size of a pea!

Movie clip:

Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers: (mp3 attached)

Bye for now,

DJ Rob

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  1. Good to see that Mike Myers clip. Axe Murderer probaly is his best film. We saw it when we were living in the US, and were spending many weekends in the (SF) Bay Area, so we enjoyed the setting too