Friday, January 29, 2010

Song of the week - episode 75

Another week down. For me it was my first week back at work after the bliss of the summer break. Well, bliss might not be quite the right word but being off work is better than most things. Australia Day in the middle was pretty good though. Shame it has become the bogan pride celebration. Perhaps when Australia eventually becomes a republic we can change the date and the focus of the whole thing.

Alison and I watched a decidedly average film the other night called “I Hate My Job” – a comedy starring Neve Campbell. There was one excellent line though…”I find hugs as a management tool sinister…”, I’ll remember that one!

My Brother tells me that he can hear AC/DC playing loud and clear from his house in Wellington, New Zealand. How cool is that? I tried to get tickets for Angus and I here in Australia but it proved impossible unless we wanted to sit at opposite ends of the venue. Whilst he is a super cool 11 year old I thought that might be a bad idea!

Should we have another AC/DC song just because I can? Oh, OK then! One of my absolute favourites…and probably not what you’d expect unless you are a fan:

AC/DC – Fling Thing/Rocker (live 1978):

Of course, in all things Scottish it was great to see Andy Murray win through to the final of the Australian Tennis Open. The British media is pretty fickle though (shock!) and he is British when he wins and Scots when he loses it seems.

On the theme of Scotland and sport here’s one of my favourite comedians (well he was before he decided to swear every third word). My brother and I listened to this non-stop as kids and can probably still recite most of it word perfect.

Billy Connolly – Football Violence:

More sport? Cheesy song? OK then. In 1982 I was not that old and lived in New Zealand. Imagine everyone’s shock when their soccer team made the World Cup Finals! It was absolutely massive and they haven’t made it back there until this year. Here’s their 1982 theme song…which I have on a 45 here still!

Marching Off To Spain:

And I can’t resist this piece of news. Stryper are touring Australia! These guys dressed in yellow and black were huge in the 80’s whether you were digging their message or not. I am very, very tempted to go along to check them out.

Stryper – 4 Leaf Clover:

But this week’s song is a bit different again. Kris Kristofferson is an interesting guy – I may have mentioned him before. Rhodes Scholar, Army Helicopter Pilot, Janitor, Songwriter, Actor and the list goes on. I’d only really ever heard him sing with guys like Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson so I tracked down a recent CD, “This Old Road”. It is just so honest. His voice is average, the guitar is sparse but the lyrics and the emotion are just so intense. This is the second song from the album. Awesome.

Kris Kristofferson – Pilgrim’s Progress:

See you all next week,
DJ Rob

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