Friday, January 22, 2010

Song of the Week - Episode 74

Last night there was a car crash outside our house. We’re only really used to noise when the Summernats Car Show is on so the whole neighbourhood. It seems as though a couple of girls were joyriding in a stolen bomb and hit a couple of cars. We saw them drive away around the block in what was left of the Commondore and then apparently they legged it. I wonder if there is any chance that the ACT Government will give us speed bumps now? Sparky thought he was a police dog hot on the trail and that was very amusing.

We took Grandma (that’s my Mum) who is visiting from Sheepland (aka New Zealand) to the Illawarra Fly during the week. It is a walk suspended above the tree line on the side of an escarpment basically. Great views but the entry and food prices were highway robbery.

On vinyl this week I’ve been playing AC/DC’s Highway to Hell album, Arlo Guthrie’s Washington County and Jimi Hendrix Live at Winterland. This is a great cover version from Hendrix where he covers some “real groovy cats”. Usually Hendrix live annoys me as a result of the tuning and the noise but this one (and almost the whole album) is sweeeeet!

Jimi Hendrix Experience (live) – Sunshine Of Your Love:

I lashed out at the CD shop and bought the Grease soundtrack for ten bucks. After all these years it is still pretty cool. I played this track on repeat on the way to swimming training last night. Must’ve been good as I swam pretty well.

John Travolta – Greased Lightning:

Note that the version in the film is not quite the same as on the soundtrack. Not a huge difference though. And who had the sneer first, Billy Idol or John Travolta.

You be the judge:

Billy Idol – White Wedding:

And that video leads almost obviously into this one. Don’t take it too seriously – you can be sure the band isn’t.

Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – Prime Mover:

Oh dear, if that doesn’t remind you of Vyvyan Basterd then nothing will – segues into this:

The Young Ones – Living Doll:

And look, while we’re staying back in the dark ages, did you know that the Young Ones morphed (or mutated) into a Spinal Tap-esque band? No? Well you do now. The album is hilarious!!

Bad News – Bohemian Rhapsody (produced by Brian May from Queen) -

Well, as I see it there is no turning back now. I need to choose a song of the week that is British, cheesy and that has no chance of appearing on Idol !

Status Quo seems a little clichéd so here’s Slade! I don’t reckon they ever took themselves too seriously! Nice Celtic influence too! And of course, Slade are almost as attractive as Zodiac Mindwarp who we met earlier.

Slade – Run, Run Away:

Back to work on Monday. Hooray (and you can all insert the requisite amount of sarcasm here).

Until next week,
DJ Rob

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