Friday, January 15, 2010

Song of the week - Episode 73

School holidays are still here and it is great to kick back and not have to think too much about work. That’ll change soon enough I guess.

I did want to quickly make mention of the fact that Alison competed in her first Aquathon yesterday. A 3.5km run followed by a 300m swim in the lake. 3rd place is pretty awesome for a first attempt. I raced in the 1km swim / 7km run race and was very pleased with my performance – legs felt good and it was just below 5 minute kilometre pace on the run. We both enjoyed having the kids there to support us as well.

But, this is a sad day. Last night one of my closest friends, Glenn, was out mountain biking. He had a cardiac arrest and died. I guess it is a small comfort to everyone that he died doing something he loved and apparently it was pretty instant. Glenn was an interesting guy, an engineer, father, mountain biker, expert on batteries and avid reader. He was also heavily involved in his church. We enjoyed many rides on the road and in the forests together. I hope that wherever he is that the tracks are smooth and flowing and the hills are never as steep as they look. I’ll be riding to the funeral I think, it just seems right.

Glenn and I had differing musical tastes, he was more into jazz and classical. I’m an aficionado of neither but here are a couple of tunes that I reckon he’d like to hear.

Wynton Marsalis – Caravan:

A friend at school insisted that I listen to Wynton and Branford Marsalis once. I’m glad he did.

Grover Washington Jr. – Winelight:

I’m fairly sure that my Dad and I used to listen to this album from Grover – accessible and a great listen.

Of course, everyone tells me that Miles Davis is the man. Glenn commented on him once or twice and I hope this selection is OK with all you purists!

Miles Davis and John Coltrane – So What:

Glenn and I met because our kids were at the same school. Cycling was what we both loved and had in common and I am a better person for knowing him. This seems like such an obvious selection but I am sure you’ll all understand.

Queen – Bicycle Race:

Thanks for reading this.


DJ Rob

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