Friday, November 13, 2009

Song of the Week - Episode 64

Has anyone been watching “Ashes to Ashes” which is the sequel to the BBC drama “Life on Mars”? It is set in the eighties and although the story can be a bit hit and miss, the soundtrack is just a blast! In the latest episode they played a couple of my favourite bands: Motorhead and The Anti-Nowhere League. I wasn’t surprised to hear “Ace of Spades” but a song by The Anti-Nowhere League was a shock. So we’ll have some great tracks from the eighties this week. Not that there were too many.

John Parr – St. Elmo’s Fire:
This one is a classic. What is even funnier is that DJ AB requested it the same day that some of my students had been playing it. It is now the unofficial Team Funky Trunks theme song for this weekend’s Triple Triathlon here in Canberra.

And just proving that someone could be uglier than Rod Stewart and the Faces and have a hit:
Anti-Nowhere League – Streets of London:
I know that this is a cover of Ralph McTell’s song but it is the only song by the ANL that isn’t fairly offensive. Google them if you want more. Funny but crude.

Now here’s a song that I really hated at the time but that has grown on me. All the girls at my school were in love with the singer in this band. Personally I thought he was rather lame! I saw this song covered by local ska band “Los Capitanes” and I have quite a different opinion now:
Aha – Take On Me:

Of course heavy metal got extremely cheesy in the 80’s. Big hair, loads of makeup and not a lot of lyrical content worth writing home about. It was about having fun though. Former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth had the formula down pat. Amusing videos, mountains of hair, fake tan and a hot guitarist (Steve Vai in this case) – as a teen I LOVED the way the guitar spoke at the start of the song.
David Lee Roth – Yankee Rose:

There was an absolutely fabulous Australian folk/rock band in the 80’s called Redgum. Their biggest hit was the song about Australia’s experience in the Vietnam War, “I Was Only 19”. A great song but I like this one better:
Redgum – The Long Run:

This weekend I’m competing with some friends in the Sri Chinmoy Triple Triathlon. 3 tri’s back to back with all legs being cross country. There are some serious hills in the running and mountain biking. Thankfully the lakes are pretty warm now as well. The whole thing could take 11 or 12 hours and it is bound to be hot. We’re “Team Funky Trunks” and I hope I can live up to expectations! Hell of a race.

I was so tempted to put the obvious song from this artist as song of the week but after a quick flick through YouTube I chose this one. Suzanne Vega has a fantastically dreamy voice. Luka is a great (and sad song) but today I liked this one better so it is the song of the week.
Suzanne Vega – Left Of Center:

So, for those of you that survived the 80’s, I hope that these flashbacks don’t cause you to regress. Anyone who missed them then just go to YouTube, type in “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” into the search, listen and be glad you missed such wonderful fashion!

Hasta La Vista Baby!
DJ Rob

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