Friday, November 27, 2009

Song of the Week - Episode 66

Today is November 27th. 16 years ago Alison and I were married on a very hot day. Wearing a kilt in searing heat was an interesting experience. The weather meant that the reception drinks outside were quickly moved indoors. Apart from the obvious highlight it was a pretty good party. And of course, the photo of Alison in her wedding dress holding a shovel still makes me giggle.

So I thought I’d play a few songs this week that Alison and I both like.

This one was pretty popular on the radio here and one of us bought the CD. At some stage I must find out what Angelique is singing about when it isn’t in English!

Angelique Kidjo – Wombo Lombo:

I remember going with Alison to see this next band at the ANU Refectory here in Canberra. They were pretty new on the scene and the gig was a riot. I lost a watch in the crush but I seem to remember Alison losing an earring, several buttons and perhaps a shoe. My good friend Darren was also at the show with us. He made it all the way to the front just to have his knee give way. He was dragged onto stage by security. An interesting if unintended way to attempt meeting the band!

Baby Animals – Rush You -

This next band were one that Alison turned me on to. We also saw them at “The World’s Biggest BBQ” concert which was a huge flop – apart from a couple of bands:

Boom Crash Opera – Hands Up In The Air -

Alison is also to blame for me liking this next band. I really, really didn’t want to go to the concert but she talked me around! In the end it was great – I was amazed at the show that Roxette put on – it was all guitars, all rock and a great night. For all you guitar fans out there you should have a close listen to Roxette – Per Gessle is a seriously underrated guitarist.

Roxette – Fading Like A Flower (live) -

In the early 90’s it was so hard to find a new band that no one else had heard of. I remember buying an album by this next group, becoming a huge fan and then being disappointed when suddenly they were everywhere with a dodgy cover version. However, it did mean that we got to see them live in Australia and they remain firm favourites. Alison and I saw them in concert and I can’t remember where but it was fun apart from the self-indulgent feedback fest at the end of the show.

This is my favourite Lemonheads song and you can probably work out why:

The Lemonheads – Alison’s Starting To Happen -

Until next week, be thankful that we live in a country that seemingly values elite sport funding over everything else (that’s a sarcastic remark in case you didn’t notice). People don’t need education, health care, somewhere to live do they?? And you think the Obamarama show has issues?

DJ Rob

She'd shake it up, was hard to make out.
Now it's plain to see
I couldn't cook to save myself,
found my life a recipe.
I never looked at her this way before,
but now she's all I see...

Alison's starting to happen,
Alison's starting to happen,
Alison's starting to happen to me

It's so mesmerizing,
can't describe it,
all that inside, hey.
No one's heard her last name, I ain't asked,
So, who am I to blame?
An earthquakes started forming underneath my feet today...

Alison's starting to happen,
Alison's starting to happen,
Alison's starting to happen to me

Oh, this world is topsy-turvy,
and it is mine to eat.
She's the pebble in my mouth and underneath my feet.
She's the puzzle piece behind the couch, made the sky complete.

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