Saturday, December 5, 2015

Song of the Week #380

It's been a tough week folks. I'm trying to do two jobs whilst my original one is advertised and filled. Please don't think that I am complaining because I'm not. I'm just very tired! So tired that I delayed my long ride until tomorrow (Sunday) and took today off the bike. Serious stuff....ha ha!

Musically I've been working my way through learning all of the Beatles tunes for our NYE show. Tickets are selling very well so if you want to come along then get in contact with Vivaldi's ASAP to avoid disappointment. It's far from being a standard Beatles show and you can expect a great range of not so well known tunes. I was surprised how many of them I actually knew even though they are not the hits.

The Beatles - Two Of Us -

It's great when a band gets back together and sounds new and fresh whilst not deviating too far from their roots. Veruca Salt were around in the 90s and were a lot of fun. This isn't all that new now but it's still worth a listen. 

Veruca Salt - The Museum of Broken Relationships -

During the week we went to the cinema to see "Tanna". It's a new film about two traditional tribe on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu. Bear in mind that this movie has won a swag of awards and has received some excellent reviews. Still, the screening had to be crowdfunded. The story is about the practice of arranged marriages between tribes which occurred until the late 1980s. It's poignant and sad with magnificent cinematography. There are also some hilarious moments. If you do get the chance I couldn't recommend it more highly. Be prepared to read the subtitles as it is all in their traditional language. I assume that there will be a Bislama subtitle release for Vanuatu - there are over 100 local languages throughout the country.

Tanna - trailer and making -

Life in that film was very different to that I experienced on Pentecost but it still made me "homesick". Thankfully we'll be back there in July next year.

I thought a lot about The Wiggles this week as a result of goings on at work. Somehow that train of thought led me to this absolutely excellent version of a Split Enz tune...

Betchadupa / Tim Finn / Eddie Vedder - I See Red -

Australia is a big place and there are plenty of song about our wide, brown land. This tune is about Scotland which is not all that bit in comparison but still has plenty of wild, open, wet spaces. One day I'll see them. Zoe's tales of Scottish weather and thinking about the relative size of Australia, Scotland and Vanuatu brought this tune to the fore...

Big Country - In A Big Country -

I haven't always been a huge You Am I fan. DJ SlimRollins and I saw them back in the 90's at the Livid Festival in Brisbane and to be frank, they were dreadful. However, Tim Rogers has a great guitar sound and really knows how to write a great pop/rock hook. Try this out...

You Am I - Cathy's Clown -

The Megadeth thrash metal juggernaut has been rolling on since 1983 when Dave Mustaine exited Metallica. They have a new album coming out in January and next up is the first track released from it. Stupid band name...not a bad track!

Megadeth - The Threat Is Real -

A little while ago DJ Al-ee-Sun and I watched the film "Beast of No Nation". It's ostensibly about child soldier in West Africa. I found it to be a disturbing movie but one that had a lot to say. My views on war have been made fairly clear previously; it sucks. Having children involved is nothing short of inhumane.

Johnny Cash - All God's Children Ain't Free -

Well there you have it folks, another week gone. Keep me in your thoughts on Sunday morning as I hit the highway on my trusty Cervelo for another long ride. It's exactly 5 years since I did Ironman. Time flies!


"Momma says the pistol is the Devil's right hand...", Devil's Right Hand, Steve Earle, live version 2012.

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