Friday, October 31, 2014

Song of the Week #321

In times gone by people sent postcards so that their friends knew that they were having a good time on holidays. I suppose if it was a super long break then maybe even a letter. Of course in more recent times you knew when your friends were away from their either increased or non-existent Facebook posts. But now there's an even newer method of tracking your mates escapades... I was riding home last night and pulled up at the lights behind to other cyclists. One said to the other, "oh, I knew you were on holiday in Bali because all of your Strava runs kept popping up". So there you have it. Stalk your friends now by using their online fitness data! Well I thought it was amusing at least.

Barker - Heard So Much About You -

Speaking of fitness, the Noosa Triathlon Festival is on this weekend. Best of luck to all from WMGS Racing who are competing and also to Big Al who's having a dig as well.

Olivia Newton John - Physical -

My daughter got the sack from one of her casual jobs this week. She's been working at this particular establishment for over a year without an issue. As a result it was quite a shock. Now, I fully respect the right of any employer to hire and fire with due regard to their business. But to send a kid a text message during school time with that kind of news is just plain gutless. If anyone is looking for staff, with experience, to work in a cafe part time (especially over the holidays) please let me know. This setback has put a bit of a hole in Z's plans for 2015 and that's a shame. Especially when the first 6 months is all volunteer work and she's paying her own way. If you want to know which cafe to boycott get in contact with me.

Pink Floyd - The Show Must Go On (live) -

On Tuesday night Angus and I had a little trip in an ambulance and then 7 hours at the hospital. He certainly enjoyed the morphine and the green whistle as various medical people attempted to work out what he'd done to his knee. Turns out it is a small tear in the meniscus and it won't need surgery. Our time at the hospital was a real eye-opener. We saw the best and worst of the human experience including a delusional man kicking and punching doctors and nurses while they tried to help him, a baby about to be taken away by Child Services, various foreign objects stuck in people's bodies (knives, glass) and a whole heap of bodily functions best left not described. Among all of this Angus (drugged to the eyeballs) dispensed fashion tips to one and all and dozed off at amusing moments mid-sentence.

David Bowie - Fashion (live) -

Love/Hate - Why Do You Think They Call It Dope? -

Sad news this week was the death of blues musician Jack Bruce. Best known for his work with the legendary trio Cream along with Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, Bruce, a Scotsman, was only 71. I like the fact that he was told to leave the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama when they found out he was playing jazz music as well as cello and music composition! Evil stuff that jazz.

Cream - White Room (live) -

So how do you tell if a band is serious or not? A reasonable amount has been made for years and years about the links of various forms of music with the occult. Ozzy Osbourne has said in the past that the whole cross imagery on early Black Sabbath stuff was purely to get noticed. I guess we'll never know if Robert Johnson made a pact with the Devil either but the stories are out there. Lately, Swedish doom/pop/metal band Ghost have caused a bit of a stir with their lyrics and their outfits. It's hardly subtle but I've always been fairly sure that it's all a big joke to them. Yesterday when they announced a partnership with a watchmaker to produce a Ghost watch my thoughts were confirmed. It's all schtick. Lucky then can play. Check out the watches at if that's your thing.

Ghost - Year Zero (live) -

To me Ghost are about equal parts KISS, ABBA and Mercyful Fate. Try these three tracks and see what you think.

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know -

Mercyful Fate - Evil -

I'm going to sign off with a couple of friends for my mate Garry. It's just over two years since he died and he's sorely missed. We played the first song in his honour at a gig not long after his death, I'm sure he's approve. And the second song is one from a band he insisted I listen to. RIP my friend.

Johnny Cash - I Won't Back Down -

Dr Feelgood - Down At The Doctors -

Rock on brothers and sisters,


"10 million dollars on a losing campaign
20 million starving and writhing in pain
big strong people unwilling to give
small in vision and perspective
one in five kids below the poverty line
one population runnin' out of time" - Bad Religion, Punk Rock Song

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