Friday, October 10, 2014

Song of the Week #318

I had an ordinary day this week. Read about it here.

Finally it seems that the telephone and internet debacle is over. What I have learned from this is that "Level 2 Technicians" do not know how to connect to a modem and put in a password. Neither do they know that separate cables are needed for phone and data. Numpties is a fair description. Two weeks of wrangling to get a switch flicked at the exchange and then Zoë and I did the rest.

AC/DC - Flick of the Switch -

I wonder sometimes wonder how sensible we were for moving to another house on the northern side of Canberra. The only reason I ask myself this question is that it is almost always a stiff headwind cycling home. Southerners must arrive home fresh and with big smiles on their faces whilst I need the heart starting paddles and a shot of adrenalin to make it through the front door to the shower. It must be noted that the reverse is rarely the case in the mornings.

Stone Sour - Tired (acoustic version) -

This week a brand new coffee shop was recommended to me by a colleague. Having just experienced a foul brew from one of the highest rated caffeine dealers around I was up for anything. Superfine Cafe hasn't been open very long but if my first couple of visits are anything to go by then it has a bright future. My initial visit was with the light of my life and we were pleasantly surprised. I had my standard long black with some soy on the side. In reality the soy is only used if the brew is rough or bitter. The barista produced a fresh, smooth and most importantly not bitter cup which was a real treat. I liked it so much that I moved one of my work meetings to the cafe this morning. There's a fab range of food as well and the staff are very friendly so if you're in the city try it out some time. Superfine is on the corner of Mort and Bunda Streets in the bus interchange and right next door to Tonic.

Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher -

But the real reason we're here is music. I've got far too many recommendations this week so I'll have to cut it down. After all, does anyone actually click the links and play the tunes?

Seasick Steve keeps on cranking out great bluesy albums. I picked up his latest on CD for only $10 and without wanting to sound like a broken record, it's a cracker! If you like swampy, low down, gritty blues then try any of his stuff. This album, "Hubcap Music" also features appearances from John Paul Jones and Jack White. I did laugh long and loud when I discovered that Track 12 was simply a recording of a tractor! Steve is in his 70s and looks to be placed to carry on forever like lots of bluesmen.

Seasick Steve - Down On The Farm -

As I wrote to H this week (he's on the road doing cool stuff in and around Tingha) I decided that my work recommending music was at an all time high when my Dad sent me a link to an early Rolling Stones tune. As written previously I struggle with the Stones in terms of their complete lack of consistency but there's no doubting that they have the ability to harness the rock and roll mojo when the mood takes them.

The Rolling Stones - It's All Over Now -

One of the best things about having the internet back on is that the programme guide on the TV works again. I'm sure it's in the paper as well but seriously folks, hard copy?? I noticed last night that ABC3, usually the kids channel, was playing some music videos and I caught a couple of fantastic tracks.

First up was Joe Cocker. Boy bands, reality TV junkies, twerkers and fashion victims should look no further than Joe before slapping themselves around the head for being so clueless. Look at this video; Joe is hairy, sweaty, moves like someone with their finger in a power socket, has the most awful shirt and shoes on and sings with the most perfect voice. This, my friends, is what rock and roll is all about.

Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends (live) -

The big shock was this next tune. I had no idea that the collaboration had ever happened. I didn't expect this song to work with The Living End but it really rocks. Jimmy Barnes is apparently unwell again and I hope he is up and about before too long. 

Jimmy Barnes and The Living End - Lay Down Your Guns -

Accept are a German metal band who have been around for a very long time. They are most famous for the song "Balls to the Wall" and the album of the same name. There are splits and a thousand lineup changes between 1968 and now but musically not much has changed. It's a good dose of hard rock. "Blind Rage" is their fourteenth studio album. I noticed that it is available with a live DVD as well so I reckon I better plonk my money on the counter before too long.

Accept - Stampede -

Is there time for a couple more? How about I just play two songs and I challenge you to give me some feedback on one or either? Time to try something new.

The Growlers - Going Gets Tough -

Shellac - Dude Incredible -

Wrapping up the show this week are two themed's Mental Health Week here in Australia. DJ Doc gave me a very good track to think about last week and these two are moving on from that. Look after those around you folks.

Sinead O'Connor - 8 Good Reasons -

Rock on brothers and sisters,


"Brother mind what you do
and how your treat your fellow man
if you're like me you'd try to live
the very best you can
for if you spread good all around
you'd be able to sleep when the sun goes down" - Sam Cooke, Keep Movin' On

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