Wednesday, October 8, 2014

An ordinary day?

Sometimes an ordinary day is OK you know. If life was always super-fab and groovy then I might be frazzled by all that energy. Like the girl at the record shop; she's always just a bit too upbeat, lively and excited...every time I go there!

My ordinary day started rather glumly as an overnight storm meant that I would't be riding my bike to work. I ride both ways nearly every day and it's an important ritual and mental health activity. The upshot was that I got to hang around the house a little longer, catch a lift with Alison into town and then grab a short bus ride to my office. The bus ride meant three or four tunes on the headphones which was a bit of a treat.

The next bit of my ordinary day was a meeting. We had to speak to some external providers so a local cafe seemed the best place. I chose one based on the ratings on my Beanhunter app. It might be rated very highly but my long black was awful at best. Tepid, bitter and not at all fresh. On the upside; the meeting was very productive and time with my boss, who is also my mentor, is very valuable.

Let's get this out of the the way; I can't stand salad sandwiches. Whatever I try to put on them I really struggle to make myself eat them. But it's a relatively simple, healthy option for lunch. My ordinary day was brightened by the fact that I'd ditched the salad and allowed myself the luxury of one peanut butter sandwich instead! Peanut butter is one thing that my dietitian put back in my diet a while ago and it's an awesome treat.

Home time and of course no bike. Booooring. Back on the bus, more tunes and then a short walk home in the sunshine. Nothing earth shattering but good for clearing the head. Also the suburb looks different on foot than from the bike. Ordinary but good.

The most frustrating part of our lives at the moment is the fact that our phone carrier can't seem to work out how to connect the right number to our house. I've spent hours on the phone with them as well as making sure that the kids don't end up with excess mobile data bills. When most of your life is online, not having it there and easily accessible is annoying. What's the good bit here? Well...I read a book whilst I was on hold. Reading is something I would love to do more of. Even if it's only a guitar magazine or the latest copy of WIRED. Books are cool of course but I like to read them in concentrated bursts not fits and starts.

Lastly, the cat and dog conspired to get me out of bed early (pre-6am) this morning. The good bit about that was that the weather was awesome so I very much enjoyed being back on the bike. A day off it might've been good...for this month!


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