Friday, July 25, 2014

Song of the Week #308

A week and a day since we played a gig. Much of life seems so mundane in comparison! Fear not though, we're making some noise on August 2nd. You can see all the details at the band's Facebook page: If you're in Canberra come along and see us (it's free).

July has been my easy month for the year on the bike. Back when I was training for triathlon our coach insisted on 4-6 weeks off in the middle of the year. It's good for your mind and body and I still ease off at least these days. This month with being sick and then on tour it was easy to have time away from cycling. To give you an idea of how easy I've taken it I usually ride about 40 hours in a month. For July do far I've ridden for 6. It feels weird. There's still a few days left though!

I spent some time in the record shop over the weekend. The kids were elsewhere and DJ Al-ee-sunshine was in Hawaii so I had time on my hands. The new album from Australian Blues guitarist and singer Mia Dyson is fantastic. It's a bit more varied than her previous outings but the guitars sound fantastic and the songs are strong. I'm also listening to a Wilco album from 1996 called "Being There". Wilco is a band I've always found a bit challenging in that they are good but just not quite engaging me. This album is different. The songs, the instrumentation and the groove just feels right.

Mia Dyson - When We're Older -

Wilco - Monday -

The album (or albums) I didn't buy were the latest Led Zeppelin re-issues. I spent a lot of money on a 4 CD remasters set in 1990. I'm sure that the latest ones are interesting but how many times should I pay for the same thing? As DJ Guz pointed out, the recording engineers in the 60s and 70s knew what they were doing. If bands really wanted to provide something cool then multitrack versions that you could mix yourself would be fun.

Led Zeppelin - Bron-y-aur Stomp -

Of course the quality of the equipment that you listen on is important to consider. Tinny earbuds and an MP3 are almost the antithesis of full range sound. They have their place and I use them a lot but a decent stereo amplifier and speakers are essential if you're going to lay down money for vinyl or CD remasters. Or at least a lossless player and decent headphones.

I read years ago that Van Halen previewed one of their albums with rock journalists whilst driving and therefore on a car stereo. That's funny.

Van Halen - And The Cradle Will Rock -

During the work I headed out to see a performance of The Beatles "White Album" at the Canberra Theatre. It was pretty good. There's a full review from me here.

Zoe is 18 tomorrow. Time flies. She was an angry baby but beautiful to go along with it! She's not angry any more but she's still gorgeous.

Stevie Wonder - You Are The Sunshine Of My Life -

Alice Cooper - I'm Eighteen -

Sheesh, when I turned 18 I'd been in the Army for 3 months! I think Zoe has the better deal.

I'm going to finish with a song that I jammed on with Alex from Tingha. We were waiting around for the rest of the band to come back and we played a few songs once we worked out the chords on the fly. Later on a couple of local kids got a laugh as I was singing it to myself whilst walking down the road! 

Joe Cocker - Unchain My Heart -

Thanks for reading!

DJ Rob

"ran out of town and now she's come back
got Van Halen wailin' on the stereo eight track" - Georgia Satellites, Red Light.

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