Saturday, March 15, 2014

Song of the Week #289

This delayed episode of Song of the Week is brought to you by the
slowest Telstra NBN connection imaginable. Obviously something is up on
the network somewhere. My apologies.

Football season is upon us here in Australia, and not before time. It
was about 190 days between last year's final and the start of the new
season. Whilst my beloved Magpies were comprehensively thrashed last
night in the opening game it's still better than cricket. Here's a blast
from the past to get you all in the mood.

The Two Man Band - Up There Cazaly -
Little River Band - Playing To Win -

Learning all about Australian Rules Football was essential when I moved
here as a kid. At my new school I remember being given the weekend to go
home and choose a team or risk a bashing on the coming Monday morning.
It was a rough school but in the country you had free choice about who
to support. It wasn't hard to learn to love the game though as it is
fast, skillful and back then was full of characters. I enjoy all kinds
of football but I maintain that Aussie Rules is the best for spectators
by a mile.

I hot footed it into my local record store today to grab a copy of David
Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" on 45. It's a brand new 40th anniversary edition
and it's one of my fave Bowie songs. But I was distracted by other stuff
and anyway, the price was a bit steep! Somehow I came home with some
Springsteen (High Hopes) and Rolling Stones (Hyde Park Live).

David Bowie - Rebel, Rebel -

The live DVD that the above Bowie tune is from is an absolute cracker. I
would highly recommend it.

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - No Surrender (live 2013 in
London) -

Michael Sweet who sings and plays guitar for Stryper has released a solo
album. It's not a far stretch from Stryper and that's not a shock. It's
not bad though and as always, there's a message if you're interested.
This track is written ti support abused kids. Well worth a look and listen.

Michael Sweet - I'm Not Your Suicide -

Neil Young raised a huge wad of cash this week on Kickstarter for his
high fidelity portable music device called PONO. The idea is that the
depth of sound is many times better than that of even CD audio.
Personally I think that if Apple is apparently discontinuing the iPod
Classic then Neil may be a few years too late. It will no doubt have a
niche market for audiophiles but will mainstream listeners care enough
to spend $400 on an ugly triangular device?

Neil Young - Computer Age -

Billy is here this coming week. Woo Hoo!! Look out for a report next time.

Billy Bragg - It Says Here -

I'm going to cut this episode short as the internet connection is just a
joke. Again my apologies and I hope that this post actually makes it out
into the ether! I'm going to ride my bike.

Presidents Of The USA - Video Killed The Radio Star -

Up yours Telstra,
DJ Rob

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