Friday, March 7, 2014

Song of the Week #288

Welcome back. This week - tunes, more tunes and even more tunes. No politics.

But first a quick rant. I'm sure some of you are shocked. Righto, let's begin. Read carefully. I'll use simple words. Ready? Game of Thrones is a series of books. I am constantly amazed at the hype online that says things such as, "the new series, who will die?" Any self respecting fantasy fan already knows. I won't spoil it for you but the advertising is just moronic.

Dio - Man On The Silver Mountain -

Musically one version of the band had a hitout at Beyond Q on Sunday afternoon. Many thanks to the readers that turned up to see us play. It was a much more satisfactory gig for me for a number of reasons. But, being able to hear myself play and therefore only making a few clanging errors was a great improvement. The Midnight Oil tribute lineup got together on Tuesday for our first rehearsal. To be fair I thought we were pretty good for an initial run through. There are new songs to piece together with everyone in one place and the Oils rarely write simple tracks. It's looking good for the May shows in my opinion. We added DJ Guz on keys which was amazingly good.

Midnight Oil - Surf's Up Tonight -

Mia Dyson is doing some crowd funding to get her new album recorded and pressed. I reckon she's a fantastic artist and you can be sure that anything you pledge would be worth it. You get something for your money so check it out. Sadly, DJ Al-ee-sun waited too long and the guitar has been sold.

Mia Dyson - Tell Me -

This was a funny moment during the week. My mate DJ Survivalist isn't all that well. Another one battling the big "C". He sends me a link to a cool tune every now and then. He likes the same cheesy 80s rock that I do so it's a good match. I figured he'd like this one and thankfully I was right. Bang your head folks!

Quiet Riot - Bang Your Head (Metal Health) -

While I was on the 80s hair band kick I had a listen to this. Good times folks, good times.

Autograph - Turn Up The Radio -

I was disappointed this week to read that the Simpson's LEGO house has been released at a cost of around $300. That's a big chunk of change. Even if the tax department have finally come through with the money they owe me it won't be going on that. But, the LEGO De Lorean from Back to the Future is looking good...

Huey Lewis - Power of Love -

What I didn't know is that Huey Lewis played harmonica on albums by Thin Lizzy, Jimmy Barnes, Dick Dale and Nick Lowe. He also produced this one...check out the fantastic keyboard sound:

Nick Lowe - I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'n' Roll) -

Lastly, I was listening to some Hoodoogurus this week. INXS took me back there. I preferred the 'Gurus back in the day. INXS were a bit too polished for my liking!

Hoodoogurus - My Girl -

Hoo Roo,
DJ Rob

"Just when every ray of hope was gone,
I should've known that you would come along,
I can't believe I ever doubted you,
my old friend the blues" - Steve Earle "My Old Friend The Blues"

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