Saturday, March 1, 2014

Song of the Week #287

It's raining. and that's boring. I like water as much as the next member of the human race but not when I had a long ride planned. Not fair!

The upside of the rain is that this week's episode, whilst already late, is now in your inbox or on your blog reader notification list earlier than it might've been.

The band played an intimate gig last night. H's lounge room and kitchen were full to bursting of people ready to listen, and in some cases sing along. I learned two valuable lessons at this show. Ones that you'd think I'd be fully aware of these days. After all, I played my first rock 'n' roll show in 1988! Lesson 1 is always position yourself where you can hear not only your own guitar, but that of the person you take your cues from. H threw to me early in the set for some guitar noodling and it was an unmitigated balls up as I couldn't hear myself, or the bass player well enough. Lesson learned. The other thing to remember is not to panic when the person starting the song chooses a different key to the one that you've been rehearsing a song in. For any number of competent musicians this might not be an issue; they can modulate on the fly. I'm a hack...sometimes I don't even remember the chord names, I just know where a song starts and how it feels! Regardless of all that it was a lot of fun. The setlist didn't even make it in the window let alone being thrown out, there were some surprises, much singing and even some applause. We're on this Sunday at Beyond Q at the Curtin Shops starting at 4pm for about an hour. Come on down and see if I've really learned my lessons...

Kylie - Did It Again (live) -

I chose that live version of a Kylie classic because it has plenty of guitars and it rocks. This particular concert has a killer band. You also get Kylie's voice pretty much unprocessed and all credit to her as there are enough bum notes and mistakes to indicate that she didn't do any overdubs later on.

If you were an 80s movie fan then you would've been saddened by the news this week that Harold Ramis died. He's probably most famous for roles in Stripes, Ghostbusters and Caddyshack. There have been rumours about a third Ghostbusters movie for a while now but since Harold both wrote and starred in the first two we'll have to wait and see what happens. Harold is the guy with the glasses in this clip also starring Bill Murray and John Candy...

Hey, we're walking! (from Stripes) -

"Doo wah diddy" - lyrical genius! If you like that then try this:

The Dollyrots - Da Doo Ron Ron / I Wanna Be Sedated - (you need to click on the speaker icon to play the song)

Not long at all now until DJ Al-ee-sun and I will be seeing Billy Bragg here in Canberra. Billy's bringing his band along this time. Did I mention at all that we'll be right in the middle down near the front!? Woo hoo! Billy's just released a live DVD for pre-order via his website ( so click over there later on and buy a copy. I have!

This is an audience recording from the show coming on DVD. Billy's playing one of my holy grail guitars...a Thinline Fender Telecaster. Natural wood finish, f-hole, twin humbuckers...oh how I want one!!

Billy Bragg - A New England (live) -

Choosing appropriate gig wear is a serious chore for the amateur irregular musician. Does one wear a t-shirt with a band/amusing logo on it? Or does one seek out the archetypal rock and roll shirt like this one? H organised a t-shirt for me from the band Ghost but it probably wasn't the right thing for a show with a few kids in the audience. But in my opinion there are two bands whose shirts never constitute a fashion mistake. Motorhead and The Ramones. Perfect attire for any occasion. And if anyone knows where I can get a Knopfler style top (or similar) let me know OK?

Motorhead - I Ain't No Nice Guy (unplugged) -

The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away -

Canberra readers; make sure that you remember Charles Bradley is playing tonight at the National Portrait Gallery at 8pm. For some strange reason The Chantoozies and Mental As Anything are playing a gig at the same time at the NMA. We're spoiled for choice I suppose. Charles is free. The Mentals are $30 for adults.

Mental As Anything - He's Just No Good For You -

A long time ago in the years BC (before children), DJ Al-ee-sun and I saw the Mentals playing at UC. They made us wait through not one, but two 45 minute sets by a boring covers band before they eventually took the stage at about midnight. I remain unimpressed to this day. And then they were pretty average as well. I'm guessing that they needed a nap by that time.

Iggy Pop - I'm Bored -

Last week I wrote about our government not even having the decency to lie to the people; they just say nothing. Well the news isn't any better a week later. It's a disgrace. But I'll leave it there as it's too easy to start an argument. We really don't have any of the facts and that's a problem. But if there's violence, death and rioting involved then something isn't right. And that's before we even think about the environmental destruction that will be allowed to occur in on of our most precious marine parks.

Dead Kennedys - I Fought The Law -

At last night's show I had a quick conversation with DJ Padre-arr-bee. Essentially it was about kids today and the music they choose to listen to. I told him the story of my Dad telling me that if he'd understood earlier how much the electric guitar meant to me, and how much I would play it, that he might've had a different attitude! In my opinion as long as you're listening to something you enjoy then I'm happy. My kids have quite different musical tastes but there's always something playing. It's a bit like books. Going into a house that has no music or books is just a drag. So, parents and adults, remember that you liked different music to your parents. You don't have to enjoy Bieber or the latest dancefloor remix dub tunes, but understand that someone does and that's OK. By the way, both my kids know all the lyrics to "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" and have so for quite a number of years. My work here is done!

Masters Apprentices - Turn Up Your Radio -

I'll finish off with a classic. We played this last night and one of our first time gig-goers is apparently a big fan of it (hi Julie!) There's a version on Glen Campbell's album "See You There" which is slow and sublime with an almost Neil Young-esque guitar. But I can't find a copy online to share with you all. Buy the album, it's just fantastic. Until then, sing this one out loud wherever you are as life's too short not to.

Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy (live) -

That's all folks,

DJ Rob

"And the music was good, and the music was loud,
and the singer turned and he said to the crowd, let there be ROCK!" - AC/DC, Let There Be Rock,  1977.

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