Saturday, June 1, 2013

Song of the Week #248

Saturday morning seems to have become the default timing for 'Song of
the Week'. Why? Well it's just that Fridays have been a little busy.
I'll get back on track next week folks, especially since my final essay
for university is done and dusted.

This song is on high rotation in my head courtesy of the band warming up
for last week's Oils show. This is a pretty neat version featuring Dave
Grohl playing with Rick Springfield...

Sound City Players - Jessie's Girl (live) -

Sound City is a film directed by Dave Grohl about a recording studio -
looks like something worth checking out.

DJ TC went to see this next artist play last week. While he relates that
it was a great show, he also commented about how hard it must be to have
Beatles fans making you constantly stand in the shadow of your Dad. I
guess it's a bit of a double edged sword. Would this guy have got a foot
in the door of the music industry without his heritage? I'd like to
think so as what I've listened to is pretty good.

James McCartney - Angel -

And in an interesting move he recorded this stellar version of a Stones
classic live and acoustic. There's no hiding when you play unplugged.

James McCartney- Gimme Shelter -

H, one of my musical pusher-men, passed on a DVD for me to watch a
couple of weeks ago. 'Searching for Sugar Man' is a documentary about an
American singer called Rodriguez who failed to chart in the USA but
unbeknownst to him, became a mega star in South Africa - as big as Dylan
or the Beatles. I won't spoil the rest of the film for you as it has a
couple of great twists. The music pretty cool as well and I was amazed
to see one of Rodriguez's albums in a shop here last week so I picked it
up. If you like 70s folk-rock/Dylan type music then this should be a hit
with you. Easier to listen to than Dylan in my opinion.

Rodriguez - Crucify Your Mind -
Rodriguez - I Wonder (live) -

This next song is for all the haters out there who think that way to
respond to the senseless killing of a British man is to hurl petrol
bombs into a mosque full of women and children and deface war memorials.
Fundamentalism is ugly regardless of the reason.

Billy Bragg & Wilco - All You Fascists -

For connoisseurs of rock music there are a couple of new releases worthy
of time in your listening budget. Airbourne are Australian and very much
influenced by AC/DC. There stuff is high energy rock for anyone who
dresses in black, has a mullet or just likes a good groove. The album is
called "Black Dog Barking" and it's a cliched, turbo-charged, rock 'n'
roll ripper! Surely these guys should play Summernats - something good
has to happen there.

Airbourne - Live It Up -

The other new album came out yesterday from Australia's "Baby Animals".
I thought they were long gone but they're back. For anyone that came in
late I'll play one of their classics before the new single. There was
such an amazing amount of hype around their first album in 1991 but for
a number of reasons their second album wasn't as strong and then the
group disbanded. It's a shame because singer Suze De Marchi has one of
the great rock voices of our time.

Baby Animals - One Word (1991) -
Baby Animals - Email (2013) -

i had a really, really long ride yesterday. 4 hours is quite a while
alone on a bike with your thoughts! Usually a couple of songs stick in
my head out on the road. These are the two that kept me going. That and
the funny comments from the General Store owner at Tharwa - he told me
that the hills get bigger as you get older! Luckily (?) for me there
were roadworks at the foot of the biggest hill so I had to avoid it!!

B-52's - Roam -
Foxy Shazam - I Wanna Be Yours -

Before I sign off, there's one chance left to see the band playing
Midnight Oil tunes. We're at Radford College on 6/6 starting at 6:30pm.
The gig is open to one and all and the price of entry (all of which goes
to charity) is "what you can afford to pay". We've been playing these
songs for a while now and this promises to be a great show. The band is
very fortunate that DJ GUZ has quickly become an integral part of our
group doing a stellar job with out sound production. In pretty cool
news, my Mum will be at the show! We worked out that the last time she
saw me live on stage was! After we do the gig I can safely
say that I won't be listening to Midnight Oil for a few weeks at least.
The band has a heap of other performances coming up with a range of
music so watch this space. Me, I better knuckle down and learn some new

Bryan Ferry - Casanova -

Maybe in about '81 or '82 I was part of a music festival where we sang
this next song. It's a cheesy one I know but it pretty much sums up how
I feel about the boys in the band that I'm playing with at the moment.
They've been kind enough to take a career rhythm guitarist and recognise
that if pushed a bit I could do more. My guitar work has improved as a
result of their patience as well as hours and hours of practice. Thanks

ABBA - Thank You For The Music -

DJ Rob

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