Saturday, May 25, 2013

Song of the Week #247

Riding bikes (powered by myself or by a motor) is a lot of fun. I'm at one with the elements, the wind is in my scalp and it seems easier to take in the surroundings. But, on the bicycle yesterday out near Tharwa I snapped the cable that works my front derailleur! That certainly put a dampener on the remaining 40km of the ride but at least I wasn't stuck in the hardest gear. However, kudos to the guys at my local bike shop (Monkey Wrench in Hackett) who calmly and immediately fixed my trusty Cervelo steed as I nipped next door to the best cafe (Little Bean) for a coffee. I haven't had quite such an eventful ride for a very long time.

The Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running -

This week I was given the task of sitting at the computer at 9am on Tuesday to get tickets for Zoƫ to see Taylor Swift. Unlike trying to enter an Ironman the host server didn't crash and the tickets were secured. In terms of music that my kids are into, Taylor isn't all that bad. After all she writes her own stuff and she can actually play an instrument. It's a lot less manufactured than a lot of other stuff. Personally I wish she'd tour with these guys but then I'm a crusty old rocker...

Taylor Swift & Def Leppard - Photograph -

Speaking of mega-huge 80s metal music as we were; what is it with middle aged women and Bon Jovi? I remember very clearly in 1985 and 1986 when the boys from New Jersey weren't all that cool. Full respect to everyone who has been a fan for a long time but just because Jon Bon has aged well and is friends with Oprah isn't a good enough reason to like a band. Let's go back to the time of mullets and spandex.

Bon Jovi - In And Out Of Love -

Bon Jovi - Tokyo Road (live) -

I think that Bon Jovi captured the true essence of rock music and what it means to a lot of kids in their lyric, "it feels so good, it ought to be illegal, I got my vaccination from a phonograph needle..." Of course, it probably doesn't quite work with an MP3 but you get the general idea!

I gave this next tune a bit of a test drive with a few people during the week. Reactions were mixed. But I think I'll play it anyway - it's my blog. This is Elvis Costello playing at the White House in a tribute to Paul McCartney. Regardless of the location or the occasion or your views on that particular Beatle I'd encourage you to have a good listen to this track. Elvis does a very good job and the US Marine on the piccolo trumpet is simply brilliant.

Elvis Costello - Penny Lane -

If you haven't seen Elvis playing with Burt Bacharach in the Austin Powers film you've missed quite a treat so here it is...

Last week's Midnight Oil show was a lot of fun and we're doing it again tonight. The pressure is on for me not to flub the notes I did last week, especially since my family will be coming! If you're interested in seeing the show but couldn't come to either performance then give me a yell as we're playing a couple of charity  shows around town. There's also a rumour that we might be on the this space.

Midnight Oil - Back On The Borderline -

I played Patti Smith last week and yesterday she rolled around on MyJam. I've never paid any attention at all to her work but I think I better have a look sometime soon...

Patti Smith- Gloria -

I'm going to finish off this week with a dedication. My mate Macca isn't feeling all that well (chemo will do that to a person). Watching his grace and strength as he battles cancer is inspiring and devastating all at once. I hope these couple of tunes help in some way.

Matisyahu - Live Like A Warrior -

Jack Johnson - We're Going To Be Friends -

DJ Rob

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