Saturday, June 8, 2013

Song of the Week #249

Hi everyone,

I've had a big shock this week. On Wednesday I headed to the airport to
collect my Mum who was flying in for a visit. I think my jaw probably
hit the floor when it turned out that my brother arrived as well! It's
pretty cool having them both here. Alison is pretty good at keeping a
secret too!

Today H and Chief were fantastic and agreed to get together to play some
music for them. My Mum last saw me perform in 1985 so I've waited a long
time for an encore - ha ha! I always enjoy playing this song with the
band and it got an outing today. Thanks again boys, you really made my day.

Bruce Springsteen - Reason To Believe -

On to this week's tunes. I've adopted a clear thematic approach to their
selection. However, unless you are DJ FatBoy or H or you've been paying
really close attention to my writing for the past few weeks you probably
won't spot it. No matter - they are great songs regardless. If anyone
does spot the pattern feel free to let me know!! This should be a real
treat for classic rock fans.

First up is Rush from 1975. I've tried to get into this band a few times
and haven't quite succeeded. This track might just crack it though.

Rush - Anthem -

Next up is a classic Australian rock tune. Certainly not my favourite by
AC/DC by any means but it is one of the tracks that got me into the
band. Simple and effective rock and roll with the best front man ever to
grace a stage.


The lyrics for this next track really do nothing for me but the
insistent groove on the guitar and the layered vocals are a real treat.
Definitely one of those songs to play in the car with the windows down
on a warm day. Make sure you listen long enough for the great dirty
keyboard sound.

Boston - Smokin' -

I always thought that Journey and Boston were the same band. This song
is cool for the same reasons that the previous one is but it also has a
beat that keeps me interested more than the standard 4/4 rock and roll chug.

Journey - Keep On Runnin' -

Cheap Trick are a really cool band. Of course, the fact that Rick
Nielsen has the most amazing guitar collection AND can play really well
is a big bonus. Their Big Star cover version for the theme song of "That
70's Show" is also a lot of fun.

Cheap Trick - Big Eyes -

The last song in this little group comes from one of my all time
favourite bands - Thin Lizzy. For pure swagger, a twin guitar attack and
great songwriting they are right up there. I was introduced to them via
the album that the next song is on and expecially their song "Emerald" -
check it out some time. This track is fantastic as well - sit through
the brief intro and watch Thin Lizzy rock Sydney.

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak -

Tune in next week for a review of the new Baby Animals LP, Iggy & The
Stooges latest outing, a re-visit of Megadeth's "Countdown To
Extinction" and with any luck "13" which is the new one from Black
Sabbath. It's their first album with Ozzy since 1978!

For you TV fanatics this looks like it might be worth checking out. A
series where a gangster from the USA goes to start a new life in
Lillehammer which is in Norway. Starring Steven Van Zandt from the
E-Street Band. This show is the reason that he didn't tour down here
with Springsteen earlier this year. I'll check it out and report back.

Lillyhammer trailer -

I'm going to finish with a band I expected to hate. I was really very,
very wrong. Heavy guitars, great drums, cool themes and finally a singer
that can sing.

Stone Sour - The House of Gold & Bones -

That's all folks. Be nice to your Mum!

DJ Rob

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