Saturday, May 18, 2013

Song of the Week #246

Hi everyone,

Apologies for this week's insane ramblings being a bit late - a migraine
will do that.

In technology news, Samsung reckon they will release a fully
weatherproof version of their Galaxy S4 later in the year. It can't come
soon enough for me. I'm sick of phone cases that claim to be rugged and
end up not being so. The latest one I have tried (Lifeproof) has a split
in the case after only a couple of months. Grrr....

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Shape I'm In -

That Jo Jo Zep tune came into my head when I was listening to some Sly &
The Family Stone this week. Not quite the same but cool nonetheless. It
made a change from my steady diet of Slayer!

Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You -

Well, as Neil Young said, "tonight's the night"! The first Midnight Oil
tribute show is less than 12 hours away. Before that though we have to
survive Angus both refereeing and playing rugby. His eligibility for a
drivers license can't come soon enough.

If you're coming tonight you might hear this of their best.
Fairly impenetrable lyrics though.

Midnight Oil - Shakers & Movers -

Customer service is alive and well in Canberra music shops but you have
to look hard to find it unfortunately. During the week I'd been in one
guitar shop ready to spend a few dollars. I was the only customer and
there were four or five staff kicking around. After wandering through
the store, touching the expensive guitars and examining price tags for
about 15 minutes I left with my money - no one was interested in serving
me. What a drag.

Yesterday I took myself off to a different guitar place. Well, it was
awesome. Firstly I haven't seen that many guitars in one place since DJ
DJ and I were in Sydney in the early 90s. And then all three guys in the
shop engaged me in conversation. Finally I was given a lead, shown the
try-out room with the amps in it and told to try whatever I liked. So I
did. Tons of fun and I'll be taking my amplifier in next week to see if
the Fender Pawn Shop 70s Deluxe Stratocaster sounds as fantastic as it
did through their gear. Well done Davis-Wheeler Music - I'll spend money
with you guys in the future, guaranteed.

Years ago I watched the hilarious comedy, "The Adventures of Ford
Fairlane - Rock and Roll Detective". Any number of films have been
inspired by it. Aside from the myriad of one liners I loved the
soundtrack which featured Motley Crue, Billy Idol, Tone Loc,
Queensryche, Dion and Richie Sambora. There's one scene where Ford
(Andrew Dice Clay) sings a song and I've always loved it. This week I
found a version of it being performed by the Blues Brothers. Too cool!!
And that took me around the block to what I think is the original. Try
these on for size...

Jimmy Reed - I Ain't Got You -

The Blues Brothers - I Ain't Got You -

Ford Fairlane trailer -

Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day" live DVD, BluRay and CDs have been
around for a while now and I've been tempted to check them out. An
abridged version was broadcast on TV and I checked some of it out. I'm
glad I did before I spent $25 at the record shop. In short, it was
dreadful. Too much wailing and waffling and not enough energy or rock
and roll. I'll pass. While Van Halen are far from Led Zep, please check
out these two versions of the same song. One is tight, raucous and a lot
of fun. The other is by Led Zep. Sad really.

Van Halen - Rock and Roll (live) -

Led Zeppelin - Rock and Roll (live) -

I took myself to the movies this week to see what the cinema had billed
as a "cult classic" - they have a whole series on with one a week.
Natural Born Killers is a movie I hadn't seen before and one that I'm
not sure I want to see again. However, it was worth the price of
admission for the soundtrack alone. I guess if you're Quentin Tarantino
then you can afford top artists and they're probably not against the
idea either. Again, not a bad film, just disturbing. To finish off this
week here's a couple from the soundtrack...listen without prejudice folks...

Patti Smith - Rock 'n' Roll Nigger -

Leonard Cohen - Waiting for the Miracle -

L7 - Shitlist -

Rock on brothers and sisters,
DJ Rob

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