Friday, November 2, 2012

Song of the Week #219

In an effort to jazz up this weekly missive and appeal to a broader audience I’ve taken the family on the road. Not so much in the Jack Kerouac or Woody Guthrie sense but who knows, a different locale may inspire me. Or you might get the same old left leaning rock ‘n’ roll nonsense as always. Read on and find out!

Australia is a big place. People from other countries often don’t get it. I remember my Granny visiting from Scotland and thinking that she might pop up from where we lived in country Victoria to Lithgow to visit some friends. That’s a 980km trip or 10 ½ hours of solid driving. And really that’s not a great distance here. I think they went for a bit longer than just for lunch!

What is different is the state of roads (and driving skills) from state to state. In the trip we’ve just done we went from the ACT, through New South Wales to Victoria. And the state of the roads got better and better as we went on. The courtesy of the local drivers was the inverse interestingly enough.

Tomorrow we’ll be at a wedding in arguably Australia’s surfing capital of Torquay. Angus is convinced he’ll be in the water at some stage.

On to the music now I think.

Tex Perkins and his band have a new album out. I stumbled across a (legal) streaming pre-release of it during the week. I’ll probably get a few backs up by saying that whilst I really enjoyed seeing The Cruel Sea (one of his previous bands) live that their albums never did much for me as a whole. This new platter certainly had me coming back for a second listen to it’s really worth a go in my opinion.

Ry Cooder is a bonafide guitar legend. While most people have heard him because he played the slide guitar parts in the movie “Crossroads” there is so much more to his discography. I got a CD from a magazine that had this next track on it. It is taken from a new album “Election Special” which Uncut Magazine described as, “an impassioned screed against the dumbing down of America” (vol. 184, Sep 2012). Aaarrgggh! The album must be too new for anything from it to be on YouTube – bugger. But look out for it soon, I’ll keep checking.

Ry Cooder – Vigilante Man –

On the way here we passed a couple of iconic Australian locations. Most notably the “Dog on the Tuckerbox” which is of course, 5 miles from Gundagai. And then Glenrowan, scene of Ned Kelly’s last stand. There is something rather amusing about a road sign that exclaims, “Dog on Tuckerbox, next left”!

Redgum – Poor Ned –

Since we’re having protest style songs, here’s a band I love that I haven’t played for a month or two. Mainly because I was hoping you’d all rushed out and bought their debut album. But just in case, here’s a slower number for you…

Vintage Trouble – Not Alright By Me –

I think I’ll finish, for a change, with three tracks from one band. Although this is a “super-group” they don’t seem to be getting much airplay down here and I think that’s a shame. I guess commercial radio would rather play stuff from their other bands and youth radio is much too cool to play tunes by some older guys rocking out. Chickenfoot is the name of the band and they have Sammy Hagar (ex-Montrose,ex- Van Halen) on vocals, Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen) on bass, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums and guitar hero Joe Satriani.  They’ve released two albums of fairly straight ahead rock music. But if you listen more closely there’s some pretty cool lyrics to top of the very polished musicianship. Try it out folks; catchy melodies abound with a great beat.

Chickenfoot – My Kinda Girl –

Chickenfoot – Three & A Half Letters –

Chickenfoot – Dubai Blues -

That’s it folks! Have a great weekend.

DJ Travelling Rob

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