Friday, November 16, 2012

Song of the Week #221

A week has flown by and I feel like I haven't had time to scratch myself! It's been flat out and I feel as though I've managed to half finish almost everything I set out to do.
I've got a stack of CDs I haven't really had a good listen to, work piling up, kids going everywhere and now DJ Al-ee-sunshine is overseas for a week!
But let's cut the nonsense (I would never say crap on the internet) and get on with some music.
This one is for my international can guess where she's gone, it's mentioned in the song...
Redgum – I've Been To Bali Too -
If you were looking for the quintessential Australian voice then John Schumann would be a good choice.
I'm out tomorrow night to see Canberra band "Live Evil" play a night of classic metal. They put on an absolutely fantastic Iron Maiden tribute a while ago and I've been hanging out to see them play some other stuff. It'll be 'horns up' from 8:30pm tomorrow night at the Transit Bar. I reckon there's a fair chance I'll hear this...
Judas Priest – Delivering The Goods -
And given the name of the band I will be rather upset if this one isn't trotted out...
Dio – Holy Diver -
Just before I move on from the heavy stuff, Soundgarden are back. In what I think is their first album for 15 years they sound absolutely fantastic. Thanks to DJ McG for giving me the heads up. Of course, the day he mentioned this I heard their single being used on the TV show "Sons of Anarchy". Great band, great guitars and Chris Cornell's voice still sounds magic.
Soundgarden – Been Away Too Long -
If you're interested in guitars then some Soundgarden is essential listening. They were/are legendary for using a wide range of different tunings. Usually I'm just flat out tuning mine.
When I was much younger and a devotee of what were very expensive American guitar magazines I read an article about a guy called Jerry Garcia and his special axe. Years later I listened to a few Grateful Dead albums and really didn't get much out of them. But I was reading a book today and the author wrote about going to a Dead concert and meeting Jerry. This is Jerry without the Dead but it's a rather cool song and more jazzy than the original...some of you will know it well.
Jerry Garcia – Tangled Up In Blue -
Elton John was in town this week. From all reports he put on a good show. From my perspective it was nice of him to play outside so that I could hear him loud and clear when I was out mountain biking ont he ridge behind the stadium. I doubt I'd listen to whole album of his but there's no doubting his talent as a songwriter and performer. Could lose a few pounds though...I can help him with a diet.
Elton John – Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting -
Today was pretty cool as I got my yearly fix of playing guitar to a large and appreciative audience. 900 people make a lot of noise and it's pretty cool when they sing along. Having said that, playing to 12 people in H's lounge room is as much fun and almost as loud at times.
People often ask me who my favourite band or guitarist it. Really, it's too hard. I doubt I could manage to compile a desert island disc because there's just so much to listen to and it all depends on my mood. Really AC/DC got me into guitars in a major way. I still listen to them a lot but are they my favourites? Some days. Other days I can't get enough of Johnny Cash, Slayer, Steve Earle, Dixie Chicks or Steve Wonder. And if you're around when I'm having a bagpipe moment I'll be prepared to be embarrassed. These moments always happen when I'm alone...I've caught myself marching around the house as some pipes and drums blast from the stereo. It's uplifting. But not always.
Royal Scots Dragoon Guards -
I watched a few videos of British soldiers marching up and down and it beats me why they only swing their arms forwards and not back. Quite different to the way we were taught here. Probably the same amount of shouting involved in the training I imagine.
I'll close this week with Archie Roach. His album "Jamu Dreaming" had a profound effect on me a few years ago. It's one of those records that really gets under your skin. It makes me sad, angry and happy all at once. Archie has had a rough few years and to see him with a new album and a song like this is uplifting.
Archie Roach – Song To Sing -
That's it. Send me a recommendation to something cool sometime. Please, no artists with a $ in their name.
DJ Rob


  1. There's a piper doon, I repeat, a piper is doon.

  2. Fav guitarist, John 5, Buckethead, Scott Ian, The Scott brothers, Kirk Hammett etc.