Friday, October 26, 2012

Song of the Week #218

There’s really so much I  could talk about this week. Elections and doping immediately come to mind. But I think I’ll focus more on some good things and some great tunes.

First up, our Friday night gig was a cracker. The band were on fire even if I was more nervous than usual. The new tremolo pedal provided pure pulsating pleasure. The show was so popular that we’ll do it again in a few weeks for folks that missed out. Can I just say that there isn’t anything more rock ‘n’ roll than turning up to the gig on a motorbike. Cheesy but true. Here’s a great song that features in the setlist. For listeners outside Australia, the song is about Ita Buttrose – an Australian journalist.

Cold Chisel – Ita -

Long time readers will remember that I completed an Ironman race in December 2010. Well, one of my friends is heading there pretty soon to have a crack at the event. I really think that it’s a great event in a fantastic location. The locals are fantastic and it might be the only time I’ve really enjoyed swimming in salt water! So, here’s a song for DJ NoMoreSpills:

Chumbawumba – Tubthumping -

DJ D-Mac and I went out to the Harley show and shine on Sunday. Wow! Wow! Wow! Harley’s are cool but these were insane. They were true works of art. Great to see DJ Doc out there playing some tunes with the Sly Dogs too. Rock on brother!

So, I saw my favourite artist on Tuesday night. Billy Bragg had come all the way from Barking, Essex, England to play just for me. Oh, and a theatre full of other people as well. Was I excited – you bet! In 1990 a friend gave me a couple of LPs and a bootleg cassette of Billy’s music and my life changed. I had someone to listen to who echoed so many of my thoughts, who played a loud guitar and who didn’t have a band! His combination of punk rock and folk music seemed perfect. Well, the show started well with Billy playing his Woody Guthrie tribute songs – I like them and I reckon Woody would approve of what Billy (and the band Wilco) did with the lyrics he left behind.

Billy Bragg – My Flying Saucer -

The second half of the show was Billy playing his own songs. And to be fair, that’s what I was there to see. Now, Billy was good – he always is. But I felt he really didn’t get out of second gear. Maybe it was the effects of a long tour, being on TV the night before or just a Tuesday night but he was a bit subdued in the main. I felt that the audience really wanted to be involved and apart from a couple of moments we never really got there. To be fair, an average Billy Bragg show is better than nearly any other show I would go to but...

Anyway, I listened to that influential bootleg the next day and I felt fine. Here’s Billy in full flight…

Billy Bragg – Accident Waiting to Happen (live) -

Like everyone else, Billy’s on Facebook. It’s not all bad – he directed me to this artist – very, cool indeed!

Karine Polwart – A New England -

I’ll do some investigation into Karine’s other work and report back. My early listening experiences are very positive so far!

I’m sure everyone reading has a connection to someone with cancer. The annual Pink Ribbon Ride is on Sunday here in Canberra. I’ll be heading out to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s the ideal tonic for anyone who is completely over Lance Armstrong. I’m sorry, his Livestrong organization is awesome but tainted because Lance lied and cheated. My money will go elsewhere.

The Hold Steady – Stay Positive -

Hopefully the message and the pun in the above song title are clear to some of you. If not, I hope you like the track. The Hold Steady are pretty cool but I struggle to listen to a whole album. I must check out their live stuff.

That should do for the week. I’m off to search low cholesterol recipes that aren’t boring, to play my guitar and to ride at least two of my bikes. Somewhere this weekend I better write an essay as well; oh joy! I’ll finish with a band I think are underrated by many, I was guilty of it in the past. Here’s a song that speaks to me…I’ll dedicate it to H, Chief, Macca, Duck, Chicken, the WMGS and Alison – thanks for your support guys – it’s been a tough few weeks!

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice -

New Neil Young next week with any luck!

DJ Rob

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