Thursday, October 18, 2012

above the sound of ideologies clashing...

This is NOT a song of the week entry. This is a note about politics from yours truly.

Before I start, let me put my cards on the table. I have a degree in Politics. It's old, out of date and there's a couple of grades in there I am not proud of but it proves my brain works! My political views are definitely towards the left side of the political spectrum. And I was like this before I became a Billy Bragg fan. I'm not a raving loonie left-wing hippie but I do believe that the rich shouldn't just get richer while the poor get the picture (thanks Midnight Oil).

The ACT (Australian Capital Territory - where I live) has an election this weekend. The ACT Government is a bit odd because it has to provide all the services of a normal state government as well as that of a large city council. So we get health, education and our bins emptied.

For the last few years we've had a minority Labor government. There's an agreement in place with the Greens Party.

Policies, promises and hot air aside my strong desire is that people of the ACT vote either Labor or Liberal this time. I don't really have that much against the Greens but I have no desire to see another minority government.

I really don't think that a Labor or Liberal government for us in the ACT will make a huge difference to anyone other than the politicians - it's all swings and roundabouts - but can we give either party a chance to actually get on with governing without being hamstrung?

Please don't take this as me being anti-Greens. I'm not. I'm just not at all convinced that their power sharing arrangement is the best thing for the ACT at the moment. Minority groups need to be heard but also need to understand that sometimes there are bigger issues.

My last point is about election promises. Does anyone really believe these any more? I understand that the parties in opposition need to make commitments to whatever they choose. But the current government, in this case the Labor Party, shouldn't make election promises at all. They've been in government for a while now and should be able to trot out programmes, policies and developments that are ongoing. If they make fantastic new promises one has to wonder what they've been doing for the past few years.

Anyway, make sure you vote.

Comrade Rob :-)

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  1. If you have a political degree, and are smart like you claim, then you should realise that under the Hare-Clark system we are effectively screwed in terms of having a majority. Yes it has happened once since 1989, but to win 9 spots take a massive voter swing.