Friday, June 29, 2012

Song of the Week #201

After bombarding everyone with songs last week I’ll back off a bit. Well, I’ll try.

Thanks to everyone who sent kind words about me reaching the 200 milestone! Nice to be appreciated and not ridiculed too much!

I don’t think I should go near a record shop for quite a while. I’ve suddenly got a lot of new music to listen to. Thankfully school holidays start today so I can make a dent in the pile of CDs.

DJ DJ alerted me to the fact that Queensryche have fired their singer, Geoff Tate. That’s a huge call considering that he is the main creative influence behind the band and is a founding member. Queensryche have been rocking since 1981! They’re most famous for their concept album, “Operation Mindcrime” and the follow up “Empire”. If you like your rock with solid melody, tasty guitars and some social conscience thrown in then QR are for you.

I was in Sydney earlier in the week. You can read all about it on my blog at . While I was there (I flew in early) and after I finished being very lost in the CBD I went to see the movie “Rock of Ages”. It was a fairly successful musical production and is now, obviously, a film. I was very skeptical about the movie as I do NOT like Tom Cruise or Russell Brand particularly. They probably don’t think much of me either!! But, it was awesome – a great film definitely worth the price of admission. It’s a cheesy story with a fantastic soundtrack. I guess it’s a bit like Glee/High School Musical on steroids with a great rock soundtrack. And Tom and Russell are brilliant. I’ll be going again.

The only thing that slightly disappointed me about “Rock of Ages” was some obvious omissions in the soundtrack. Since we’re talking 80’s rock then bands like KISS, AC/DC and Van Halen would’ve fitted in perfectly. I guess not everyone can be in the film and also those bands are probably pretty cagey about handing out the rights to their songs.

I’m interrupting this week’s episode for an open letter to YouTube…

“Dear YouTube,
Seriously, how many adverts do we need on your website? I’m happy with the ones that appear up and down the side of the page but a 15s video ad for every track I load is getting a bit mus. STOP IT!
Yours sincerely,
DJ Rob”

This next tune is for DJ Al-ee-sun (light of my life!) – I picked up the album for her in Sydney and it seems I made a good choice.

If you’ve been reading some of the drivel I post on Facebook then you won’t be surprised at this next song selection. Paul Simon’s “Graceland” album is 25 years old. Of course there’s the now obligatory re-issue version (I’ll look into it). In 1986 I was in Year 10 at school and very much into heavy metal music. But I’d also been fascinated for quite a few years by the musical Ipi Ntombi (or Ipi Tombi depending who you ask). The Graceland album opened my ears to a wonderful mix of musical styles. There’s the particularly funky solo bass line in “You Can Call Me Al” and the great a capella into to “Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes”. But this next song was my favourite – I hope you like it too.

Aw, shucks…why not…

Right then, I’ve got (supposedly) three weeks of school holidays to be getting on with. Plenty of books to read, CDs to listen to, miles to clock up in training and of course some motorcycle cruising in the midday sun. Not everyone will be hanging around Canberra though. Angus is heading to the snow (the dog will be VERY cross about this), DJ COJ is already somewhere in Europe sunning himself and DJ Boss is off to the UK I believe. Here’s a song for them and for everyone else taking a break. See you all before too long.

We’ll be back with more musical mayhem next week holidays or not. The juggernaut rolls on!

DJ Rob

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