Friday, March 30, 2012

Song of the Week #188

Not long now until Easter. And while I recognize that for some of you it is a time of religious worship, chocolate or Easter buns, 2012 is the year of Easter sport for me.

For the first time since 1985 I’ll be seeing an Australian Football match in Melbourne – and in fact I’ll be seeing two! DJ Sub10 and DJ CleanUpInAisle3 have organised for us to see two potentially epic encounters. Look out Melbourne here we come! And to top it off on the Sunday night is Paris-Roubaix cycling. It’s a great excuse to stay up all night with some friends and watch arguably the best one day classic race. Can an Aussie win this year? Will Cancellara get back on top? Will DJ HammerTime fall asleep near the end and be easily fooled in his sleepy state about who actually won? Stay tuned.

Last weekend I was in a team in the MONT 24hr Mountain Bike Race. It was awesome. My teammates were a lot of fun, the track was great and the food…YUMMY! My enthusiasm for mountain biking had waned over the past couple of seasons but I think I’ve got my mojo back. All I need to do is remind my body how to cope with the punishment. The great thing about mountain biking  is that there are no cars to worry about and no red lights. Also, most mountain bikers are pretty laid back so it’s very social. Riding at night is tops as well. Good lights are now pretty cheap and light up the forest without any problems.

In extremely exciting news, my friends AB and Patty both managed sub-10hr times for Ironman Melbourne. This is just astounding. Well done!

Henry Rollins is one of my favourite artists. In his books, radio shows and any number of recordings he speaks about a certain James Brown album as being an absolute killer. So I figured I’d track it down. After searching high and low with no luck for ages, it popped up on eBay for about $6. Brilliant! I’ve had it for a few days now and I’m sure my productivity at work has increased while listening to it. The production is great, it isn’t tinny like some other live stuff I have of James’. So here’s a medley of tracks from the classic album, “Revolution of the mind – Live At The Apollo Vol. III”

Mick Thomas has what I would describe as a magical voice. Every time I hear him sing I’m transported to a concert at Canberra Racecourse where his band Weddings, Parties, Anything were a real treat. The band is no longer but Mick is still working – as evidenced by a new album. This is a classic track of his that I hope might pique your interest.

After seeing a facebook post from DJ TeaDrinker I read a news article about an American woman who lost her job as a teacher. It turns out that she had been a sex worker in order to pay her way through university. Her story is a harrowing and confronting read ( I guess this brings up many issues. In my opinion the best teachers tend to be those with some kind of life experience to relate to. I encourage you to read the story and form your own opinion and I’m happy to discuss it with anyone. Here’s another thing to mull over – it’s no secret that I was in the Army for 8 years and eventually became a teacher. I learned how to kill people. Is that any worse than being a call girl? She’s probably a lot more scarred than me.

I heard this next tune on the radio last week and its name has been son a post-it note stuck to my desk since then. I really liked the sound of the guitars in this one – so crunchy and full without just being noise. And then I watched the video clip – it’s a riot. If you need a smile then this might do it.

I’m going back to one of my all-time favourites to finish off this week. There’s always something in Johnny Cash’s music that just keeps me coming back for more. He has songs that can make you cry, songs that give you hope and a few to make you laugh so much you hurt. My favourite collection of his is a compilation called “Murder”. You can guess what all of the songs are about. Death and recrimination.

Have a great weekend! If you’re at the Brumbies rugby then watch out for Angus refereeing the little kids at half time!

DJ Rob

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