Friday, March 16, 2012

Song of the Week #186

What a crappy week. Sorry, but for me it was. After a cracker of a run on Saturday morning and fun watching the Brumbies win the rugby I woke up with a nasty cold. And it’s taken all week and some time off work to feel almost human. The smallest things really grate when you feel unwell and I could feel my mood lighten as the pressure in my head decreased. When you’re sick at home and you feel too miserable to read a book, listen to music or watch TV it’s pretty depressing. At least I didn’t have it as bad as poor ZoĆ«!

A few weeks back I played the original of this song, or was it their other big hit? Doesn’t matter. This cover popped up yesterday and apart from a little bit in the middle where it gets self-indulgent I really quite like it. Never heard of the singer but that’s what the blog is all about really…

DJ GarE has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to live shows to choose from at the moment. Here’s an artist that I think would most definitely be worth the price of admission. Robert Cray plays tasty, refined and laid back blues guitar. I reckon if he was throwing his guitar around his head and walking on his hands he’d be a mega, mega star. But check this out – smoooooth.

This week I’ve been transferring some old vinyl LPs onto CD. Some great punk stuff. I also grabbed a Jimi Hendrix LP I had to listen to as I don’t have it on CD. It sounds fantastic on record but my 40 year old speakers are on their last legs – nothing lasts these days! I lusted after this LP for a good six months as a teenager while I saved up to buy it. Sure it’s a compilation but it is a great listen. The cover photo of Jimi in cowboy gear is pretty cool too. Here’s my favourite track from the “Smash Hits” LP.

In the “you have to be joking” category is news via DJ FatBoy that Guns ‘ N’ Roses might get back together. Surely they haven’t run out of money yet? And anyway, which lineup will reform? Don’t get me wrong, they made some great music but the chances of anything other than a greatest hits cash cow tour have to be minimal. The egos are just too big.

MC ErinB will be heading to Victoria soon along with DJ PatECakes to compete in Ironman Melbourne. Good luck to you both! And in BIG news, the Ironman folks have announced that there will now be an Ironman in Cairns in June. I’m having a little think about having a dig in 2013 but when I look at the photos of my race in Busselton 2012 I’m not sure I want to go through all that pain again! Maybe…

John Cougar – Hurts So Good (nice pink really!)

Here’s another band I know almost nothing about. I saw their name on the front of a music magazine but I haven’t read the article yet. I threw them into YouTube and came up with this….and I’ve been playing it all day! I love the piano sound at the start.

I think I’ll finish this week with two tracks from an artist who I can never quite get my head around. He has great tracks – and even albums – but his output is so varied that there are swags of it that I just don’t get. I’m not complaining – just working on it!

Later y’all,
DJ Rob

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