Friday, March 23, 2012

Song of the Week #187

Some new CDs arrived this week from the USA. The new albums from Kris Delmhorst and Winterpills. I’ve played both artists before and I very much recommend them. The record company also sent me a sampler CD of bands on their roster. If you’d like a listen just let me know.

This is going to be a great weekend with the 24hr Mountain Bike Race on. I’ve dragged myself out of 24hr race retirement to play again. I just really hope that the rain stays away. So….how fast will I ride? Who knows – but it looks like the majority of my laps will be at night.

I had a pretty bad day during the week and arrived home in a bad mood. After feeding the kids I went upstairs, plugged in my guitar and rocked out. That’s always good for what ails you! Here’s a few songs that I really enjoy playing along to. They might be clichéd but who cares, they certainly improved my mood!

Angus is a lucky boy. He’s doing Outdoor Education at school and got the chance to go sailing this week. Like me, he gets sea sick rather easily but on the lake here he should be right!

Props to Alison and Zoë who walked in the Relay for Life last weekend. They both came home having raised money for a fantastic cause, walked a long way and battling sleep deprivation!

I mentioned last week that Ironman Melbourne is on. The race is this Sunday so here’s a big shout out to AB in particular who is racing. AB got me through much of the pain that was training for my Ironman in 2010 – this’ll be his third race at this distance and I reckon he’ll ace it.

It’s 30 years this work since one of the best metal albums ever was released. Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” sold well, had a range of awesome tracks on it, is now a seminal work and probably caused a bit of controversy as well! Personally I like the link between the title track and the famous Scottish poem, “Tam O’ Shanter”. I remember hearing all about that particular poem in primary school. I’ve got a certificate somewhere for reciting Burns poetry at an early age! And if you think this song is about worshipping Satan then you’ve probably not listened closely enough. Why do I like the song? Well, it has a great vocal performance, the flange on the guitars at the start is pretty cool and then there’s that scream!!

A CD I’ve picked up recently is the latest from Noel Gallagher (ex-Oasis). His album, “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds” is a pretty good listen. It isn’t that far removed from Oasis as you’d expect and if you like that kind of Beatlesy Brit-Pop then this is definitely worth a few dollars.

Sepultura came out of Brazil quite a while ago now with a brutal take on a brand of grinding heavy metal. With some commercial success they began to incorporate their indigenous music into what they were doing. Here’s one of their best tunes in my opinion:

I wanted to finish this week with a tune that’s been going round and round in my head all week. I’m not a huge fan of AM radio – there’s too much talking and usually I just tune in for the news. But, the national broadcaster here does a great job of covering a huge range of sports on the weekend on their programme ABC Grandstand. And not just football and cricket either! But they’ve been using this tune as a backing and I just love it. It’s from a band I like a lot. Turn this one up and have a good weekend.

Bye for now,
DJ Rob

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