Friday, February 3, 2012

Song of the Week #180

Anyone who thinks that Australia is a sunburnt country obviously hasn’t been to Canberra this Summer. Really, it has been very, very average. The garden likes it but running this morning at 6am in cold and rain was far from pleasant. Any more of this and I’ll be looking at getting a treadmill!

I haven’t listened to too much new music this week as I’m concentrating on the Springsteen songs. The show is coming together pretty well. Remember 4pm, 12 Feb at Beyond Q in Curtin. It’s free but the venue isn’t massive.

But I did manage to tear myself away from my 47th listening of Nebraska to check out just a few tunes for your listening pleasure.

Rage Against The Machine were a rather loud politically charged band. I wasn’t a huge fan but they had a few good tracks. RATM guitarist Tom Morello went out on his own with an interesting mix  of folk and rock. He calls himself The Nightwatchman and the tracks I’ve heard certainly rate further investigation. This one stands out, not necessarily as a result of the lyrics but because of the staccato nature of the way Tom spits out the chorus – it just sounds great.

Vincent Furnier has a new album and I’m excited. He just keeps on truckin’ and his live show is a real treat. The album is a follow up to his big seller Welcome To My Nightmare from 1975. The new stuff is cool but this must be the definitive version of the title track of the first album in 1975…

I’m particularly excited that the Super Rugby season starts in about 3 weeks. After a rather average summer of cricket I’m hoping for some good games. We’ve stumped up the cash to be Brumbies members so they’d better deliver!

In the last week of the holidays I bought a music magazine with the obligatory free sampler CD. This disc has turned out to be quite a hoot. Apart from having The Damned on it as well as Joe Strummer there are a whole lot of bands that are new to me. The song selection is great but sometimes the band name means that you know you just have to listen to their track. This is one of those. Very, very funny. The song I wanted to play I cannot find but this will give you a good idea of what they are like. Probably for fans of Stray Cats, Living End, Peaches, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, White Stripes or Petula Clark.

Yesterday I had to take the scooter in for a service. They loaned me a new one to get to work on. It was the most dreadful shade of light pastel blue and hopefully no-one recognized me riding it! But on the way down the road a car passed me and this song was blaring out of the window. It stuck in my head and I reckon it should stick in your too.

So cheesy, so good!

Later y’all, I’ve got a bus to catch. I wonder if Elvis will be on it like he was earlier in the week?
DJ Rob

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