Friday, February 10, 2012

Song of the Week #181

Well the first teaching week of the year is almost over. I’ve been pretty lucky with my group of students it seems. They are pretty chatty but they are getting through the coursework at an amazing rate of knots! And that’s cool.


Of course my kids have started back as well. Funny to think that my little girl is in her final year of High School – and she’s pretty bloody pleased at being one of the “big kids”. Angus is taking Outdoor Ed as one of his subjects. It sounds like they get to do team building, mountain biking, hiking, camping, snorkeling and caving all in a semester – wow! Why didn’t I train to teach all that!


Congratulations this week to DJ AB who got himself on the podium riding crits. Not a bad turn of speed for a guy training for an Ironman. And good luck to MC Dongles who is off to Geelong to race.


I guess the big news in triathlon this week is that Lance Armstrong has finally announced a swag of half-ironman and ironman races that he is going to compete in. It will be very interesting to see how he goes. He does have a background in triathlon as a junior to draw on as well as some very solid training partners and mentors. And we all know he doesn’t like to lose! I’ll go out on a limb and bet that he goes top 10 at Kona. Yep, I’m a fan. An integral part of his campaign is to raise $1m for cancer research.


I put new strings on my oldest guitar the other night – the guitar that’s older than me that has been handed down from my Dad. DJ E17 remarked that with the guitar being so heavy that I was relaxing and weightlifting all at once! But the new strings sound a treat – bright and bold. It’s looking good for the Nebraska shows.


DJ E17 gets two mentions this week as he sent ma a double DVD which is pretty much everything Joan Jett has done including some interview footage. I’d forgotten this track even though I have it on a cassingle somewhere. It’s not too bad…


Joan Jett – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


This next song is one that’s been on rotation during some of my long run recently. It’s a band that some of my school friends were into. I’ve got one or two albums and while it isn’t a band I’d listen to very regularly they had their moments.


Petra – Beat The System


Personally, if I’m looking for motivation, encouragement or just a good kick in the pants then I’ll go for this next track every time:


Rollins Band - Shine


After a quick conversation about punk, MC McG arrived at my desk with two slabs of vinyl. One is an early compilation and the other a blue vinyl LP of UK Subs greatest hits. Foolishly I always thought UK Subs was something to do with being underwater while it turns out that they were originally called UK Subversives. Here’s a song from the compilation that made me laugh. Don’t take life too seriously folks, it’ll grind you down.


The Business – Harry May


I think I shocked H this week when I revealed my love of almost all things Kylie. Seriously, for a girl who really couldn’t sing she’s done OK. Kylie understands the need to put on a good live show.


Kylie – Some Kind Of Bliss


So, with Huski Long Course Triathlon just over a week away I’ve got an easier week coming up. I’ll get a  longish ride in tomorrow and maybe a swim. Add to that a run on Sunday and then I’ll be taking the week relatively easy ahead of my anticipated approximately 6 hours of racing. Racing really is the wrong word…as long as I’m moving forward it’ll be all good!


Right then, I’m off to get ready for tonight’s show…it’ll take me ages to do my hair!


Stevie Wright – Evie




DJ Rob

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