Saturday, January 21, 2012

Song of the Week #178

I'm a bit wiped out. I've trained hard this week – the Huski long course triathlon isn't that far off. But Zoë has gone off to camp for a few days and Angus is heading to the coast with friends so I'll have a little time to myself. Oh, what, it's time to go back to work – that's just not fair!
My Dad's been here for a few days and that's been awesome. I got to run a couple of times with him as well as just catching up. We all had some pretty fab Ethiopian food on Thursday night. As I've said in the past he's responsible for a lot of my musical influences. Here's a song that I picked up in NZ on a 45 that we chatted about. Somehow it just sounds better on vinyl. Hopefully none of the Methodists out there will be offended!
It's OK though. Before I head back to work next week for a couple of days I've got a few things to be getting on with. Firstly I'm off with DJ AB to see Canberra United play in the W-League semi-finals. It's awesome to see a Canberra team doing well on the national stage and ABC televises the W-League so kudos to them. I think I'll take Alison to the movies as well – maybe The Muppets. The kids saw it in NZ and it sounds like a lot of fun. We've got dinner with the birthday boy DJ CoJ on Monday and that promises to be a good night. Add to that a couple of albums I want to immerse myself in and the continuing search for good coffee and I'm a busy boy!
Big and very exciting news is that I'll be performing very soon in public. H and Chief have been brave enough to invite me a long to play guitar with them in a gig that is a tribute to the Bruce Springsteen album, "Nebraska". It almost feels like coming out of retirement! It's a great album with a couple of my favourite tracks on it. It isn't a loud album so don't be scared off. We're on at Beyond Q Bookshop & Cafe in Curtin on Sunday 12 February at 4pm. Mega thanks to the boys for taking a chance on me and my guitar!
Cycling fever has hit Australia with the Tour Down Under currently taking place in and around Adelaide. But the TV rights were sold to Channel 9 and even at my most generous they are useless. One hour of highlights at about midnight?? What's that about. I've written to a number of the major sponsors imploring them to do something about this for next year.
A band that continues to grown on me is Chickenfoot. Their tunes are catchy and upbeat, the guitar work is great and they can sing too. Definitely a favourite when I'm out running.
My mate DJ E17 is currently in a phone and internet queue trying to get tickets to see Tom Petty in London. I've got my fingers AND toes crossed for him. Tom Petty is way cool – I wish I had hair like that! This is my favourite Tom song. I'm not sure why but the live DVD I have has it as the opening tune and it just blows me away.
When I was dropping Zoë and her friend off to the bus to head to camp they were talking about music that would shock their parents. I suggested that even the most open minded parents might raise an eyebrow at Slayer – and it was playing in the car at the time. Funnily enough they thought that Nightwish would do the job. Really? Nightwish? They're great but hardly worthy of the Parental Advisory sticker. So, here's three tracks that are. You've been warned! They're all worth a listen – and might just make you think should your mind be open. There's language warnings for the first two. How the last one got on the radio we'll never know!
Let me know which music made your parents raise their eyebrows!
DJ Rob

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