Friday, November 25, 2011

Song of the Week #170

This week I’ve got a few cool songs and three important events to discuss.
But before we start, if you’re a fan of Henry Rollins’ spoken word stuff then run, don’t walk, to the internet and book some tickets as he is heading down under in 2012. I already have my tickets to see him here in Canberra (thanks DJ FatHenry for the heads up). I reckon I’ll be sitting enough that he might sweat on me. I plan to bottle said sweat, put it in a pill and sell it to anyone who I think needs to toughen up!

Event #1 is my Dad having a birthday. And it’s a biggie. He might not think so but reaching a milestone between 60 and 80 is a fair effort really. I have my Dad to thank for my love of guitars and endurance sport as well as my lack of hair. Here’s a song for him that you can all enjoy as well.

Event #2 happens on Sunday. If I can count then that will be the day that Alison and I have been married for 18 years. Egads! Quite frankly I’m amazed that she puts up with all my nonsense but I’m glad she does.

Oh my, Lou Reed and Metallica have got together to put out an album. Why? Who knows. I like some of Lou’s stuff and most of Metallica’s but the collaboration is really, really hard listening. In fact I just can’t bring myself to listen to anymore and I like to think my musical tastes are reasonably eclectic. Here’s a rather amusing reaction to the album that you might get a chuckle from…

Foreshore is a music festival that is on this weekend in Canberra. The weather looks like it will be good and wet for all the revelers. I’ll admit that usually none of the music on offer makes me that excited but it would probably be worth the price of admission to see these two…

When I played in my first band in Canberra we were friends with another band called ASAP. They had better haircuts than we did and I’m pretty sure their guitarist had a real Fender! I first heard this track when they played it at the Canberra Uni Bar. It’s a song I still like – a lot!

That’s so much better than their Under The Milky Way tune, that’s one that really grates on me.

One of my good friends became a Grandpa this week. And with the technology the way it is, I was able to get regular updates on what was going on in the USA as the baby came into the world. Massive congratulations go to Lizzie and Bradley on the birth of their daughter. And in terms of proud Grandpas, DUG, you take the cake! As you may know, sometimes Facebook tells you where a person is posting their updates from. Well, DUG was posting from “near Tacoma”. That means that this song is for all of you in the Ames/Kennedy family.

Bye for now,
DJ Rob

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