Friday, November 18, 2011

Song of the Week #169

Hooray, the weekend is here. I think I could sleep for the whole 48 hours without too much trouble.

Good news is that after an amazing palaver involving the Hospital, the Doctor and the X-Ray Clinic it seems that Angus’ arm is not broken. Poor kid, he had to wear a cast for over a week and I think Alison is ready to declare war on the medical profession. I think the final insult was being given some paper scissors and being told to remove the cast herself for x-ray. Here’s an appropriately titled tune. Great vocals too!

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be involved with some colleagues in performing to around 1000 people this morning. It doesn’t matter what kind of musician you are or who the audience is, performing live is a real kick. And when almost all of them sing along it’s a real treat. I’d love to play to a crowd like this next one…

And yes, I’d wear the makeup too. You betcha!

DJ GarE17 put me onto the CD that this next track is from. The album is growing on me slowly. A must if you need to chill out to some serious musicians playing soul and blues. Probably a really good Sunday morning listen.

Georgia Fair are an Australian band that got a leg up when one of their songs was featured in a commercial. I know that other bands object to this but you’ve got to get a start somehow…and it’s a great catchy tune.

An artist who certainly wouldn’t want his songs used to advertise anything is Neil Young. I guess this next tune puts his views forward quite clearly!

OK, so I’ve had some quality time with the new Tom Waits LP at last. It’s great. But describing it is a bit of a challenge. It’s accessible to most people and I’m sure his fans still love it. Possibly the best way to imagine it is having an old fashioned carnival playing in your lounge room. It’s a hoot. Spend your hard earned cash on this one – but not the expanded edition that comes with a “40 page hard cover book”. It’s a rip-off. You get three extra tracks and the book just has the lyrics. I was disappointed to say the least.

I guess it would be remiss of me to mention a visit to our fair city by President Obama and his hundreds of minions and hangers-on. Personally I like the man. He seems personable, he hugged a school kid when she asked, and he smiles a lot. Unlike a lot of other US politicians at the moment he also seems to be able to string a coherent sentence together. Dubya always looked like someone was prompting him or he was under the weather. But that’s just my opinion. There was hardly any traffic chaos caused and really, living in the National Capital, we should expect a little when dignitaries come to visit. But I must say, despite my love of American music and the fact that I have quite a few American friends, I wish they would sort their country out. Really. When you have to be a millionaire to be the President something is wrong. Sometimes if you pay peanuts you get more than you expect…

This week I will have been to see ZoĆ« perform in two concerts. Once in the concert band and tonight in jazz. It really makes me very happy to see so many kids enjoying playing music, and playing it well. One of the bands played this next tune…and I knew all the words! I surprised even myself. The only thing they missed was the funky guitar at about 1:20. Does anyone else see the link between this and Tenacious D? And there’s a guy with a broken arm in this clip!! Who knew?

Sometimes a melody is so well crafted that it just sticks there in the back of my mind and sails in and out of my consciousness. This is one of those tunes. Play it a few times and see if it does the same for you. So much better than “Slice of Heaven” and that’s a big call!!

Rock on folks.

DJ Rob

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