Friday, August 26, 2011

Song of the Week #157

I’ve received a few comments that Song of the Week is beginning to sprawl a bit. Personally I think that this is just fine. Some weeks I have plenty of songs to share and then others not so much. I’m always interested in feedback about the music or suggestions. And if it’s too much for you just click the last song in the list and listen J

The internet triumphed again this week as I did all my birthday present shopping from the lounge as well as getting some excellent bargains on music for myself.

My Mum’s birthday was yesterday. I’m sure that it’s all her fault that ABBA’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 LP is imprinted into my brain! Here’s one of my favourite ABBA songs. There’s no auto-tune on these vocals – take note folks – real talent.

ABBA – Rock Me (Live in Australia 1977)

My little brother also has a birthday very shortly. Pretty sure he has less hair than me. But in his defence he’s a lot more famous. I’ve spotted him on the TV on a number of occasions.

The Hollies – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

And for the last few weeks my Dad has been overseas. He’s been to some rather awesome places like Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vilnius. Zoë laughed at his postcard from the Winter Palace – there was so many translations of the photo caption that there was barely room to write “having a great time”. But it was cool to get the card regardless. I remember the consternation caused when I was in the Army and got mail from Radio Moscow! I’m sure every artist that goes to Russia plays this but what the hell….

Chubby Checker – Back In The USSR

Australian legends Cold Chisel have released re-masters of all their CDs. Their album “Breakfast at Sweethearts” was the first CD I ever bought. That same day that I splurged on a player! I was lucky enough to have a couple of friends at school who were huge Chisel fans. Being a “new Australian” they ensured that I understood the band’s importance! Here’s a mellow song about a café in Sydney.

Cold Chisel – Breakfast At Sweethearts

This week Canberra was supposedly going to be shut down by the “Convoy of no confidence” – a protest against the Federal Government. Well, I rode my bike that morning and saw a couple of trucks, seven police vehicles, tons of cameramen and a helicopter. The organisers tell us it wasn’t a flop but guess what… Here’s a song I know you’ll love.

C.W. McCall - Convoy

This next artist is reputed to be channeling Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen. That’s a LOT to live up to. My first listen to him was today after reading a review in a free magazine. See what you think, I plan to listen to the whole album as soon as I can find it. This track is pretty mellow.

Jordie Lane – Not From Round Here

Hot Tuna was a band that came out of Jefferson Airplane in the late 60s. Back in the day when I was collecting Action Figures a fellow trader sent me a bundle of cassettes he had no more use for. Hot Tuna was in there and it is still getting played! They’ve just put out a new album. Here’s a track for your listening pleasure.

Hot Tuna – If This Is Love

Lemmy’s (from Motorhead) autobiography finally arrived in the mail from the Book Suppository. It took ages to get here and then only a couple of hours to read. Luckily it was entertaining. I was disappointed that Lemmy didn’t talk about the growths on his face but apart from that no stone seemed to be left unturned. It reminded me a bit of reading Lance Armstrong’s book in that you are in no doubt at all about the author’s opinions! Lemmy did write that he was sick of people thinking that his career ended in 1980 with “Ace of Spades”. I’ve been a fan on and off for years and I can’t say that any of their albums are duds. Ebay provided me with the latest offering during the week and it is pretty fantastic. For fans of loud rock and roll (as opposed to metal) check this out. It’s like Chuck Berry with more volume!

Motorhead – Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Here’s a quote I read on Twitter this morning:

“An apostrophe is the difference between a business that knows its sh*t and a business that knows it's sh*t”

Grammar and spelling, just like table manners, DO matter. Make an effort.

I’ve said enough. Goodbye.

DJ Rob

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