Friday, August 12, 2011

Song of the Week #155

Is it too soon to play this song? Perhaps it is but this is the song that instantly came to mind when I heard about the UK riots. Please don’t take this as condoning the actions of the mob, I am horrified. Just keep all your convicts at home this time OK?

The Clash – London’s Burning

I passed a group of kids today who were doing some sort of complicated clapping routine. It sounded like fun and it reminded me of this song. I guess the song is a bit embarrassing but it certainly is catchy. Yep, I’m aware that this isn’t the original but it was a big radio hit when I was younger. A LOT younger.

The Belle Stars – The Clapping Song

Now we’ll take a slightly different musical direction. I liked this band initially because their album covers were just too cool for school. I’m not sure what the particular style of artwork is called but it looks great and fits in well with their sound. Here’s a link to an example. The band is German and I was lucky enough that a friend of mine turned me on to some of their better tunes. Try this one out for size. By the way, their name is sort of an acronym in German and it translates to “no pity for the majority”.

KMFDM – Juke Joint Jezebel

It’s World Cadel Evans Day if you didn’t realise. The TdF winner is in Melbourne today for a victory parade. Let’s hope no one stands on his dog!

More importantly there are a couple of birthdays today.

First up is DJ MickeyD. Yeah, he’s 21 again. He put me onto this next track which is really very cool. If you hated KMFDM then you might like this – polar opposites!

The Tiger and Me – I Left The Wolves Behind That Night

It’s also Alison’s birthday. She’s older than me (insert big grin here)! This is for her. And it doesn’t get much cheesier. But it’s the sentiment that matters. You all know you want to sing along with the chorus – treat yourself and those around you!

Bon Jovi – Born To Be My Baby

Here’s the song of the week. A Kiwi band I’d never heard of (shame on my brother) and a tune from a really good band – Jesus Jones. This is just great. In 1990 or 91 I saw Jesus Jones here at the ANU Bar. It was a top night. It isn’t often that I see a band that I know nothing about and become an instant fan. I rushed out and bought their cassette!

The Feelers – Right Here, Right Now

That’s all this week. I hope your cat is better behaved than ours.

DJ Rob

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