Friday, August 19, 2011

Song of the Week #156

This week I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger – and that’s busy! On Monday things go back to what passes for normal around here at work. I’ll be singing this song all week!

Theme from Welcome Back Kotter

While we’re on the subject of TV theme songs, Angus asked who Fat Albert was during the week. I found out that Alison didn’t like the show at all. Personally I loved it. I’ll get some on DVD and educate my boy when she’s out!! Bill Cosby was hugely funny and of course the social commentary was pretty good too.

Theme from Fat Albert

I saw an old episode of The Six Million Dollar Man on TV this week. Apart from the fact I thought it was super cool, it made me realise just how plastic a lot of people are on TV these days. Surgical enhancement really is a drag when there is so much natural beauty around. Yep, “silicon parts are made for toys”.

Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back

And now it’s twice in a week that I’ve been hassled on my bike by ute driving morons. There must be some correlation between utes, fluorescent workwear, cigarettes and the need to yell abuse at me minding my own business in the cycle lane. Nothing is as funny though as the morons who gave us grief one day on an Ironman training ride. We were in the middle of nowhere on a deserted road and they were driving a Prius. Ha ha ha ha!

In awesome rugby news I was pleased to see that James Horwill was awarded the Wallaby captaincy for the World Cup. He is a worthy leader of the men in green and gold. I remain gob smacked that Matt Giteau didn’t rate a place in the 30 man squad. Surely other countries will now be examining their citizenship laws to see if they can get him in their team. Gits is a class act on the field and this is no way for an international career to end. To his credit, he’s being rather professional about the whole thing.

Here’s a tune from my youth. Former Australian Crawl frontman James Reyne has had patchy solo success. This is a great song with a driving beat and a great hollow driven guitar sound. The boys in the utes stole his hairstyle!

James Reyne – Fall of Rome

Recently I’ve had friends and family seemingly on holiday all over the world. Apart from a number of trips to NZ to visit family and a week in Fiji a few years ago I haven’t been anywhere for such a long time. It never got me down before, I’m very much a home body. But recently all the stories, photos and facebook updates have got me thinking. Obviously there are places in Scotland that I’d like to see but I’ve been looking around for somewhere that I really, really want to go. My Dad’s just been in Moscow – that’d be cool. I’d really like to see Lenin’s Tomb and a few other things. I’ve also always wanted to have a look at parts of France. But really, the USA fascinates me. So much of our popular culture comes from there. It’s the home of the Blues and of Rock ‘N’ Roll. I guess the other thing is that we have a skewed view of the American people from TV. I’d like to visit and make up my own mind. I’m sure that they are not all right-wing Reagan voters who only listen to Van Halen the same way that not all Australian are beer swilling, kangaroo riding versions of Paul Hogan. Or maybe it’s just that I want to go to Graceland.

Elvis Presley – Burning Love

If anyone would like to sponsor my plans to get my kicks on Route 66 just drop me a line or better yet, a cheque!

Chuck Berry – Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Of course, if you go to England you need a different version of this song…classic!

Billy Bragg – A13, Trunk Road To The Sea

There’s something in music about certain chords or progressions of notes sounding mournful. Probably similar to the way that a seventh chord always sounds to me like it is hanging on! This instrumental should feature in every Dracula movie – the notes, the sound just fit so well. Maybe for my next movie…

Iron Maiden - Transylvania

I hope this week was ecletic enough to give everyone out there something to listen to.

I’m off home now, Zoë has been away on Band Tour all week and I’ve missed her!

That’s all folks.

DJ Rob

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