Friday, February 18, 2011

Song of the Week #130

Last weekend I went and raced at Callala Beach which is near Nowra. What was meant to be a weekend at the coast with friends and family was altered by some fairly average weather, Angus being in a cast and the dog coughing. The family stayed at home but my friends came down.

On Friday it poured. On Saturday it was fairly average at best. AB and I had to wait until later in the afternoon to get out for a pre-race ride. We discovered that the road surface on the course was fairly dead and that there was a fair bit of climbing. At least we got a nice coffee in at Berry while we waited. DJ DoorE had an apparently awesome smoothie.

Joan Jett was programming a music TV show that I watched a few minutes of…had forgotten how good this was:

The Clash – Tommy Gun

Race day dawned with better weather, well, no rain at least! The 1km ocean swim was reasonable although I got seasick for a bit. The ride was pretty good (30km) and I quite enjoyed the 8km run. It was a well organised event so I reckon I’ll probably go again in the future. I still need more time swimming in the ocean to be comfortable in there but I’m sure that will come. Callala Beach is a really nice quiet spot – well worth a visit in the sunshine.

Sometimes, events happening around you just demand a song. Well, my Dad’s off today for a holiday….in Cambodia. Say no more!!

The Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia

I read this next artist’s name on the back of a magazine this morning and then checked out some tunes….wow!!

Rumer – Live at Bloomsbury Theatre – that’s a bit of a sampler. I’ll be checking out more from her.

This week Stryper released an album of cover songs. It had the potential to be a real stinker, cover/tribute albums often are. But, I’m telling you all, if you like rock ‘n’ roll then this is a must have. Fantastic versions of some classic tunes. Here’s a great version they’ve put together of a classic Deep Purple tune.

Stryper – Highway Star – harmonies, soaring guitars and a ton of energy. What more could you want?

But to finish, a track dragged out of my little used long term memory by DJ StaySee. If you were looking for a clip that matched the feel of a tune then this might just be the ticket. This song “feels” like it should be on a train. One I’d forgotten but I was happy to rediscover.

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy – and, yeah, I know what the lyrics are about. Get over it folks, it’s a great track.

Take my advice, listen to something new over the weekend…

DJ Rob

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