Friday, February 4, 2011

Song of the week #128

This week has been interesting. I’m back at work, I have a new office AND a new boss. All of these things are good. I reckon the day you stop enjoying your job is the day to look for a new one. I spent a long time in a previous job not really enjoying it and moving on was the best move, even if I had to be pushed a little!


There’s no rock music this week. I’d hate anyone out there to think I was one dimensional.


I guess the big news in our house is Angus’ broken arm. An argument during backyard tennis escalated from verbal taunts about cheating to the demanding of a hawkeye replay. This not being forthcoming the opponent whacked Angus’ elbow with his racquet. Pain resulted as did 5hrs for Angus and I at the hospital emergency department. We managed to watch the entire Australian Open Women’s’ Final between x-ray and seeing the doctor. The result…a fractured humerus. Needless to say, nobody is particularly impressed at this chain of events. And the scorching weather isn’t helping the young man in the cast. Or his Mum who has this week at home with him. Let’s move on before I get really cross and turn into The Hulk.


Today DJ McG gave me a few CDs to listen to. He always provides me with a cool range of tunes to check out. And I flicked through a few tracks. This got me to thinking about the way that we listen to albums today. In the pre-CD/MP3 days you were pretty much bound to listening to an album right through unless you had a cool mix tape or were a dab hand with the rewind button. I liked cassettes. They were robust, portable and you could use them over and over again. You could even unscrew them and replace the housing if you had to. And as long as you didn’t leave them in the glovebox they were the go anywhere, do anything medium of the music world. Not to mention playing with the speed or pitch when you were recording your garage band!


I think that the CD and the MP3 mean that we are really quick to judge a tune and move on. It is so easy to listen to the first few seconds of a track and decide you have to click through to the next one. I wonder if I can get an adaptor to play cassettes in the car!?


Being a wannabe DJ as a teenager, I was always recording and editing mix tapes. I don’t have many left for some reason but I still have all my other tapes. My parents have a few here and there that I made and I laugh at the song selection sometimes when I see them. So, my resolution is to let new songs have a bit more of an opportunity to get into my head rather than shaking the iPod and my head too!


There is one mix tape that I do have. It’s on an old orange and black BASF 60 minute cassette and it was made for me when we lived in Singapore. I had hair then. And a lot of freckles. And probably not a care in the world. It was before I started school! Here’s a couple of tracks from it…and from that era of my life. That’s the early 70s for all you young ‘uns.


The Bear Necessities – Jungle Book Soundtrack I’m not sure that a film soundtrack could be any better. I have a feeling that this was the first movie I was taken to. And it still stacks up.


I’m A Tiger - Lulu Music videos have come a long way. Another famous Scot.


Vincent – Don McLean A truly sublime tune.         


I have a terrible confession to make. I’ve gone to the Dark Side. Just call me Darth Woozle. Yep, I weakened and got an iPhone. It arrived on Weds evening. And despite the complete lack of any form of instructions from Telstra it is up and running. I’ll admit it, I’m a convert. It is super cool technology. That isn’t to say that other phone operating systems aren’t groovy as well (Alison’s HTC running Android is fab) but I am surprised how good the iPhone is. And I was a sceptic for so long. I think the only thing I don’t like is the clunky way you have to go about making a song a ringtone…boooooooring. Wasn’t long before Baba O’Reilly was ringing out however.


Star Wars LEGO has been something I’ve dabbled in for a number of years. I really liked the mini-kits that came out a few years and have a full collection in my office at work. Not to mention a few other pieces. But there was one I just couldn’t find in stores no matter how hard I tried. And so it was off to eBay. After a few weeks missing out by a dollar here and 50 cents there I jagged one at a good price. Now Luke’s Landspeeder complete with Obi-Wan and droids is on the way to Mos Eisley via my shelf! Too cool. What’s next?


While the Star Wars theme has to be one of the most famous of all time, I prefer this piece of music. Dark, sinister, brooding, perfect.


Imperial Death March


Did I mention the dog has lost his voice…’s oh so quiet….for a short while!


Go hard or go home.


DJ Rob

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