Saturday, January 22, 2011

Song of the Week #126

We've been at the coast for a week. Tuross Head to be exact. A great little spot on the NSW South Coast. Personally, the beach is something I can do without but the rest of my family have it in their genes somehow so it seems that I am doomed!
Last night there was a rather amazing electrical storm that went for a good couple of hours. While everyone else watched a DVD, I listened to some Warren Zevon tunes on the iPod and watched the sky. I'm not really sure quite what this song is all about (I have a fair idea) but it is pretty cool anyway.

Warren Zevon - Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner:
The movie I didn't watch was, "The Boat That Rocked". It's a great film about pirate radio in the UK. Kenneth Branagh manages to look a LOT like Captain Mainwaring from "Dad's Army". I'm sure that in real life the boats had a lot more seasick people on them! Here's a track that featured at the start, love it.
The Kinks - All Of The Day And All Of The Night:
What that movie does is remind me of when radio was a) cool and, b) worth listening to. I spent the whole week at the coast looking for a decent station. And I failed miserably. Come to think of it, there's a good reason I hardly listen to radio anymore, TOO MUCH TALK, NOT ENOUGH MUSIC. Anyhoo.
The Sports - Who Listens To The Radio? :
Angus loved the beach more than anyone. He was up early to watch the surfers most mornings. And he took a lot of time refining his boogie boarding style. That's AFTER being dragged into a rip on day 1 and needing rescuing by the Surf Lifesavers and his Mum!! I reckon he'd live at the beach in a shot as long as there was a rugby team to play for as well.
Here's two guitar legends with an appropriate tune:
Dick Dale & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pipeline:
And if you haven't seen "The Spy Next Door" starring Jacky Chan, you haven't lived. I expected it to be be bad with a capital "B" but it was actually quite amusing and a good laugh.
I bought a copy of "The Virgin Encyclopedia of 70s Music" at Mogo. It is VERY well put together and I might hit eBay or (no product placement here - they are just the best ever) to look for some other volumes. I'll take a couple of random (well almost) artists from that book to play this week.
First up is Jim Steinman. The man behind "Bat Out Of Hell" and some other stuff. He's definitely worth a listen.
Jim Steinman - Rock and Roll Dreams Come True: (re-recorded later on by Meatloaf but this one is a heap better I reckon) What a terrible film clip!
I've worked it out, my lack of success as a rock 'n' roll megastar has nothing to do with talent or luck. I should've bought Aviator mirror shades all those years ago when I still had hair.
Little River Band - Help Is On It's Way:
A family friend gave me an old worn LRB cassette in the mid 80's sometime. That song was on it and it has been a favourite ever since. Close to pop perfection, very close.
But my Mum inspires this week's chosen song, guaranteed to rocket all the way to #1 worldwide. She gave me a copy of the NZ movie "Boy".  You should watch it now. It reminded me of an insult used all the time at school when I was a kid. "You're such an egg!"
Here's the trailer: I reckon that they had no problem finding a location for the film as a lot of NZ, like Australia, is caught in a time warp.
This song features in the film, and also in my childhood. This version includes footage from the film but I'm sure the music is the same as it was way back when. A bit different but cool nonetheless.
Have a great week. Be nice to your Mum (or someone else's !)
DJ Rob

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