Friday, January 7, 2011

Song of the Week #124

Friday again and hopefully you’ve got the time and inclination to indulge me as I spin a few discs.

Summernats is here in Canberra. It is billed as a festival for car enthusiasts. Unfortunately this also means drunken, loud and destructive folks on our streets. I have NOTHING against the festival itself. But certain sections of the clientele are quite frankly, less than desirable. We’re leaving town to avoid the worst of the low end of the gene pool. Hopefully all of our trees are still standing when we come back, unlike in past years.

Interestingly enough, I used to work with a guy who was a true car nut. He raced a dragster and it was super cool. He told me that the car club he belonged to went away from Canberra when Summernats was on to get away from the hoons.

Enough whinging about that.

I’ve been spending some time these holidays watching the BBC Documentary Series, “A History of Scotland”. It’s pretty cool and does a good job of attempting to separate the facts from the mythology. I’m into the 15th Century at the moment. If you’re at all interested in the history of the country that gave the world almost everything worthwhile then check it out.

Here’s a couple of great tracks from Scotland…

The KLF – America: What Time Is Love?

Eurythmics – Thorn In My Side (live in Australia 1987)

Del Amitri – Kiss This Thing Goodbye (nice tartan guitar!)

Australian Cricket isn’t in mourning this week, it’s a lot worse than that. Bad enough being beaten by England, but the comprehensive nature of our collapse might require a complete rethink in terms of team selection, captaincy and strategies. While you have to hand it to the Poms for playing so well, one has to wonder what happened to make Australia play so completely dismally. At least when the West Indies were thumping us in the 80s it was the same for everyone else!

And it seems that discrimination is possibly afoot with the National Broadcaster’s Youth Radio network JJJ. I voted in their “Hottest 100” poll recently. There are a slew of good prizes on offer but anecdotal evidence suggests that only “young folks” win. Not those who have listened faithfully to JJJ since it went national. Also not those who are probably buying music rather than downloading it. Grrrrrrr. Of course I can’t prove anything but….

Here’s some JJJ fare:

John Butler Trio - Zebra

A special mention to MC HB who is racing in the Australian Cycling Nationals this weekend….knock ‘em dead!! Here’s a track for you:

Michael Jackson & Diana Ross – Ease On Down The Road

Anyone who has read this blog/diatribe/drivel for a while now will know that I am a fan of a great cover version. When I was at high school I was a big Stryper fan. Regardless of their religious message, I liked the guitar solos, the harmony vocals and the energy. Now Stryper are releasing an album of their favourite covers. And there is a good range of rock, pop and metal tunes. The album doesn’t come out until February but of course you can hear most or all of it on the ‘net somewhere. This is a good version of Kansas classic:

Stryper – Carry On My Wayward Son

A whole lot of John Lennon stuff has been re-mastered and re-released recently. I hadn’t really listened to much of his solo stuff until DJ Fatboy turned me on to the Double Fantasy album. In the re-releases is a stripped down version of this album which is famous for being pretty overblown in terms of production I am told. Try this on for size, it’s growing on me!

John Lennon & Yoko Ono – I’m Losing You (Stripped Down)

That’s all folks,

DJ Rob

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