Saturday, January 15, 2011

Song of the week #125

One of the best things about my job is that you get extended holidays at this time of year. For me that means a chance to read some books, listen to music and play my guitars as well as getting some training in at more sociable times of the day!

It was a year ago that one of my best friends, Glenn died. I miss him a lot. Conversations about bikes, batteries, bikes, the meaning of life, coffee, bikes, Le Tour and bikes aren’t quite the same without him. This song isn’t quite his style but the sentiment feels right to me. He’s wherever you go (or don’t) when you die and the rest of us carry on with him firmly in our thoughts.

AC/DC – Ride On:

I had a listen to a couple of old albums this week. One from Whitesnake and one from Rainbow. Both were pretty good. From a time when a swagger and boogie were part of hard rock in a very good way. Try these on for size:

Whitesnake – Victim of Love:

Rainbow – Tarot Woman:

Yesterday Alison and I spent 7 hours in the car driving to and from Sydney to pick the kids up from camp. I hate cars. Can someone make the stargate a reality please? And sooner is better. Perhaps the shuffle feature on the iPod was one of the only saving graces. Here’s a track that came up that I hadn’t listened to for ages.

Sheryl Crow – C’Mon, C’Mon:

The live DVD that track comes from (C’mon America 2003) is well worth a look – a really great show and Sheryl has an awesome band. She even gets away with a decent Led Zep cover.

By the way, did you know that Fairies Wear Boots?

And this one comes to you via Radio Free Charleston and its host, my friend, Rudy. He puts together an awesome video blog/presentation that has a lot of local music from his hometown in it. His post this week reminded me how beautiful this song was, especially the guitars at the start.

The Beatles – Dear Prudence:

Did you know that Alice Cooper had a radio show? I didn’t but apparently he’s been at it for seven years? On the way home from Sydney, it was broadcast and I heard part of it. Far out, people send him STOOPID emails. But he did play this track, a combination of artists that I wasn’t aware of, and it works!

Peter Frampton & The Bee Gees: Sgt. Peppers/Little Help from my friends:

That was a bit unexpected!!

There was an article in the paper and online this week putting it out there that 2010 sounded the death of rock music. I’m sorry, but you ARE kidding. Indulge me here as I spend a reasonable amount of time with the youth of today. My anecdotal evidence is that when they get through being impressed by whatever “hit radio” throws at them, that a LOT of them discover music with substance, not necessarily rock but you get my drift. For every Katy Perry or 50 Cent fan I talk to there are a heap more discovering KISS, The Sex Pistols and silverchair. After that, it is only a short hop and a skip to realizing that there are plenty of bands working hard. Maybe just that radio doesn’t want them to be heard. It CAN happen people…just rock on.

I’ll finish with music that I’m sure parents at the time thought was evil and wasn’t going anywhere…how times change!!

Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin’ (1966):

Alice Cooper – Under My Wheels (live 1971):

Grandmaster Flash – The Message (1983):

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name Of (1992):

The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang (2010):

That isn’t to say that rock can’t be antisocial, loud, rude and plain nasty. There’s some fairly unsavoury stuff out there but it isn’t limited to popular music. Anyone watching what supposedly passes for current affairs these days? I’m finding it almost impossible to find a decent news service that isn’t obsessed with boozy footballers, celebrity trivia and hatred.

Here’s something you may find offensive, the concept anyway…but you should listen to anyway, it’s a good song.


DJ Rob

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