Friday, August 20, 2010

Song of the week #104

Anyone on my email list may have noticed that I can't count. This is episode 104. D'oh!

The return to cold weather in Canberra after four days at the Gold Coast has been a bit of a shock. Brrrr! Certainly leaving home at about 5.30am on my bike during the week was a challenge. Getting home at 8am still frozen solid wasn't a lot of fun either. I keep telling myself that winter isn't over.

Ironman training continues with a minor hiccup. My achilles tendon is giving me a bit of curry. So, no running for a week whilst I wait for an ultrasound. Boooooooooooooring!! I've said it before, nothing is going to stop me crossing that finishing line on December 5th. Even if I have to crawl.

Whilst at the Gold Coast I saw a movie called "Fanboys". For all you sci-fi fans out there this is a must watch. Very funny indeed. It is about a group of Star Wars fans (well freaks maybe) and their quest to see SW1 before it is released. Great soundtrack from Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and cameo appearances from a great range of actors.

Devo - Girl U Want:

After that flashback, here's something quite different. This is a band I discovered by accident. I know nothing about them except that I really like this song and the video clip is fab.

Mastodon - Colony Of Birchmen:

Oh yeah, we get to vote tomorrow. All the major players (and some of the minors) have made so many faux pas in the campaigning that it is laughable. We've got one party claiming that they can stop refugee boats. Short of having the Navy torpedo them I really can't see anyone managing that feat. Then we have another alienating all the supporters of Australia's greatest football team. Not to mention one local Senate candidate who potentially alienated a huge chunk of her voting public by declaring herself a "commited Christian". Maybe the whole thing should be decided with a game of scissors, paper, rock. Cheaper and potentially the same result.

Luckily, the major parties may as well be the same. Here's a song to cheer you all up whilst you think about how to vote...

Redgum - The Long Run:

Alison's birthday was last week. Poor old girl had to deal with the kids whilst I was in the sun. Well, actually I was in a lecture room but you know what I mean. Here's a song for her.

Green Day - She's A Rebel:

That used to be my ringtone for Alison!

There are some guitarists I love, some I can listen to all day and some I am totally in awe of. This last tune for this week comes from Chet Atkins. A guitarist pretty much beyond compare. Tasteful, skilful and just a fabulous musician.

Chet Atkins - Yakety Axe:

So, that's it folks. Get a dog.

DJ Rob

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